And The Next Pokemon Revealed Is…Donald Trump?!

Fans think new Pokémon, Yungoos looks like Trump.

Fans think new Pokémon, Yungoos looks like Trump.
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When Nintendo held a livestream of Pokémon Sun and Moon during E3, they revealed many different Pokémon. However, they never expected one Pokémon in particular to catapult into fame.

Yungoos, the normal type “loitering” Pokémon is being compared by the internet to political candidate and long-time Apprentice host, Donald Trump. 

Fans are being drawn to Yungoos’ shiny yellow hair, which they associate with Trump’s famous blond combover. 

Fans are also using the hashtag “make Pokemon great again” in reference to the political candidate’s slogan, “make America great again.” 

Pokémon Sun and Moon will be available later this year on November 18th.

(Photo courtesy of Business Insider) 

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