Animal Crossing: The Most Legit Underdog Story of All Time

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is grade-A rap material.
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You can never really go wrong with a good underdog story: everybody loves Rudy, everybody loves Dodgeball, everybody (?) loves Drake.

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And when you think about it, Animal Crossing is really the quintessential underdog story. Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the latest entry in the simulation series, begins with your perfectly innocuous move to a new town––and before you know it, you’re immediately promoted to town mayor based on a community-wide misunderstanding. The story doesn’t end there, though; despite your newfound success in a political career, you’re still desperately broke with nothing but a tent to call home, and the premise of the game revolves around your journey out of perpetual debt.

Rapper Broken Pixels, perhaps picking up on the similarities between the popular Nintendo franchise, and every Mark Wahlberg movie ever, created “Crossing from the Bottom,” riffing on Drake’s Started from the Bottom:

“But I had to find a way to build a home
Nook got me the hookup, yeah he came through with a loan
Had to find a way for me to make some loot
The only thing I ever knew was how to slang fruit, so I
Started from the bottom, now I’m here”

It goes without saying that the rap (linked above in the header), which features a looped backing track of the New Leaf main theme, is a work of art destined for greatness.

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