Another Session in the JTP Coming to a Close

I have truly enjoyed being part of the JTP and helping to form what it has become.

I have truly enjoyed being part of the JTP and helping to form what it has become.

This June marked my one year anniversary for writing here at GameSkinny. I have been an avid participant in the Journalist Training Program, or JTP as it is called.

Over the past year, I have learned so much and found I have not only grown as a writer, but as a person as well.

Awesome Things to Learn

For writers new to journalism or just wanting to learn about things they might have missed, the JTP is a great resource to make use of. Not only will you learn about writing, but also how to network within the industry itself. The program provides valuable experiences in an environment that is easy to learn and grow from.

Friends to Travel With

Over the year, I have watched people come and go from the GameSkinny community. Some of my greatest friends have come from participating in the program. In times of my life when I found I needed support, my friends in the program and the great staff at GameSkinny have been there when I needed them the most.

While some places could care less, the people here are beyond supportive and I could never thank them enough.

Experience Unparalleled

Overall, the JTP is an awesome experience that I have taken part in several times. I won’t say it is not a lot of work. I won’t say it isn’t hard at times. It is both, but I wouldn’t trade my time here for any other experience.

If you are serious in becoming a writer in video game journalism, or journalism in general, the JTP is a great place to learn and they are still taking applications for the rest of the year.

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Mary Yeager

I am a wahm mom of two who loves gaming, both electronically and table top.