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These cosplayers eagerly answered Winston's recall with these amazing Overwatch cosplays!

Answer the call with these incredible Overwatch cosplays!

These cosplayers eagerly answered Winston's recall with these amazing Overwatch cosplays!
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

Overwatch doesn't have the biggest pool of heroes, but it does have quite a wide range of cosplay attempts! Today we've gathered the best-of-the best for each character that has been attempted by the brave and creative cosplayers from around the world. There's quite a few of them to go through, so let's dive in right away!

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Bastion by Unknown (Spotted at Dragon Con 2015)

Bastion is perhaps one of the rarer cosplays when it comes to Overwatch, the main reason being that the character is difficult to recreate without making the suit immobile or crushing the cosplayer inside. Despite this, one cosplayer managed to pull off a cosplay of Overwatch's surviving Bastion unit down to the smallest details. While the endoskeleton isn't exactly accurate - and is nothing more than the cosplayer within - it's the closest we'll probably get to a proper Bastion cosplay for some time.

This Bastion unit was spotted at Dragon Con 2015 in this video by Clubjimay Designs at the 2:55 minute mark.

D.Va by Aza Miyuko

D.Va is by far one of the more common cosplays due to its simple (but not necessarily easy) design thanks to the bulk of the costume being the skintight bodysuit. However, it's another thing to pull off the character completely accurately from the additional props to the personality. Aza Miyuko does this, and more.

Love D.Va!

Miyuko's D.Va cosplay certainly looks like something that belongs in-game. In fact, many video game news groups have made comments that her cosplay looks like something straight out of the game, and it's not entirely farfetched if you look at images like the photoshopped one in the banner. However, Miyuko tends to take the extra step with her cosplays by trying to get in character, and this shows much better in the image on the right.

Honestly, if Blizzard wants to make a live-action film they should do one for Overwatch and hire these cosplayers. It would probably do a lot better than the Warcraft movie.

You can find more of Miyuko's cosplay on her Facebook fan page, and the unphotoshopped D.Va images here.

Reinhardt by Pennstate67

Reddit user Pennstate67 shows off his love for Overwatch's resident knight in shining armor with this Reinhardt cosplay! The full album featuring his cosplay at PAX East can be found here, and reveals that the helmet is actually fitted with LED lights to create the full Reinhardt experience.

While at first glance it may appear as a misguided cosplay to some due to the different color scheme, Pennstate67's cosplay is actually based off of the Paragon skin for Reinhardt (above). Considering the sheer bulk of Reinhardt, this cosplay truly shows the lengths cosplayers will go to in order to dress up as their favorite heroes.

Junkrat by DragonDildoScrub

Okay, so the name isn't exactly the most favorable in the world, but Junkrat isn't exactly a savory type either so it fits! This cosplay done by DragonDildoScrub manages to get everything right from the flames on the tips of his hair - which are hopefully edited into the picture - to the small details on the grenade launcher. Even the cosplayer's body type matches the scrawny build of Overwatch's Australian Mad Max wannabe.

Sadly, this cosplayer couldn't pull off the pegleg that Junkrat has in-game. Maybe that's for the best though. Over-dedication to Overwatch cosplay is not recommended.

Mei by AlinaSpoon

If you want dedicated cosplays, look no further than @AlinaSpoon's Mei cosplay. This costume includes everything about Mei's character including (but not limited to): a handmade fur coat, oversized stylized boots, backpack, and even an animated Snowball drone!

The drone was 3D printed using a custom CAD model, and is programed to make 4 different facial expressions using the four buttons on top of its head. Quite an amazing feat for a cosplay!

Alina won a cosplay contest using this costume at Dreamhack Austin, and it's certainly well deserved. For more of her cosplays you can find her on Facebook or Twitter.

Tracer by Tasha Cosplay

Tasha is one of the bigger names in this list when it comes to cosplay, being one of the more well-known names out there. When it comes to accurate cosplays she's one of the best in the business, and the same can be said for this Tracer cosplay. In fact, Tasha's cosplay of Tracer was so good that it showed up as one of the featured cosplays at the Heroes of the Storm Spring Championship!

While getting the details of the costume down is important, equally as important is the portrayal of the character in action, and Tasha manages to get this down too. The image on the right is similar to that of Tracer's recently revamped "Over the Shoulder" victory pose, and fully captures the playful spirit of the character.

It's always great to see cosplayers enjoying the characters they play, and it certainly looks like Tasha was able to play the part. For more of her work you can check out her Facebook page here.

Lucio by Zigzugg Cosplay

This Lucio cosplay takes after the RIBBIT skin from Overwatch which is in turn inspired by dubstep artist deadmau5. The costume features a pair of rollerblades to simulate Lucio's own solid-light based skates, light-up eyes, and a full bodysuit.

Aside from the color of the glowing eyes, this cosplay is amazingly accurate to the in-game model. There's very little room for improvement outside of the headpiece, and is a great cosplay for an underrepresented Overwatch character in the cosplay scene.

Check out more of ZigZugg's cosplay works at his Facebook page.

McCree by HarpFish

One would think that McCree would get tons of fans trying to cosplay him, especially since you can actually order a costume from cosplay stores. Unfortunately, very few have attempted it. Thankfully, Reddit user HarpFish fills this void with his McCree cosplay that looks like something straight out of an old Western film... if Westerns had sci-fi technology.

For the full album, check out his imgur album here.

Mercy by Pizoobie

Pizoobie manages to capture the grace and elegance of Overwatch's resident battle-medic, Mercy in this cosplay. While there is no shortage of Mercy cosplayers, Pizoobie's Mercy is one of the few that manages to get the shine of her armor as well as the feather-effects of her wings.

The amount of detailing is quite impressive as well, since Pizoobie has actually put in the time to ensure each part of the armor has rivets and other small details that most other cosplayers for Mercy tend to skip over.

For the manufacturing process of this Mercy cosplay you can find Pizoobie's album outlining the process here. You can also find her cosplaying fan page on Facebook.

Pharah by Darkfire Cosplay

One of the major obstacles of cosplaying Overwatch characters is the sheer amount of props that are needed to pull off any single character. This is especially true for Pharah, a character who looks more like a Gundam than a human being.

This cosplay by Darkfire Cosplay is impressive in that the entire armor is is formed out of what appears to be plastic. The armor has a metallic sheen in all the right places, and somehow looks comfortable enough to wear.

Now if only it could fly...

Winston by Aerlyn's Cosplay and Designs

When I first started researching for this slideshow I told myself that there would be no way on Earth that someone would try to do a Winston cosplay... Obviously, I was wrong.

This cosplay comes from Aerlyn's Cosplay and Designs, and was featured on Blizzard Entertainment's official BlizzCon 2015 Cosplay Feature on Facebook. Frankly, it's well deserved. Despite the impracticality of this cosplay in terms of mobility (and perceived bodily comfort) it actually manages to look realistically accurate.

Why anyone decided that cosplaying Winston was a good idea is up for debate, but they did manage to pull it off so good on them.

Symmetra by MelliHoney Cosplay

MelliHoney manages to bring some cuteness to an otherwise cold character from the Overwatch universe with this Symmetra cosplay. In her Tumblr post, MelliHoney states the following about her cosplay attempt:

I’m actually quite surprised how well my Symmetra cosplay is being received! I mean considering all the grief I suffered the month of June to get it done. It really means a lot to me that you guys like it!

Have some faith in your work MelliHoney! There's very few Symmetra cosplayers out there, and you managed to pull it off. Hold your chin up high!

Widowmaker by Karin Olava Effects

Karin Olava is another well known person in the cosplaying scene, so it comes to no surprise that she'd show up somewhere on this list. Karin is best known for taking on darker female characters, and her Widowmaker cosplay truly highlights the cold nature of the character.

Just look into those eyes... feel the lack of emotion. It's almost eerie.

The full-body image (right) captures the character best. For those who have played Overwatch already, you'll know that Widowmaker isn't really one for bold poses. It's all business for this ruthless killer, and this cosplay is probably one of the best we'll get for some time. I mean, how do you manage to get the bodysuit to stick on like it does in game? It just doesn't work!

You can find more of Karin's work on her Facebook fan-page.

Reaper by Nic Neidenbach

Another Blizzard Entertainment pick, this Reaper cosplay by Nic Neidenback is bound to appease the inner skeleton-mask wearing psychopath in any Overwatch fan. Every detail has been accounted for. We got the steel claws, the skull mask with scratches and discoloration, the oversized shotgun shells, and even a pair of metallic colored greaves for effect.

But did Nic Neidenbach manage to find a place to put all those shotguns that Reaper casually throws away when he reloads? I think not.

Soldier 76 by Phamtaro Cosplay

Another of the higher-budget cosplays on this list, this Soldier 76 cosplay by Lee Phamtaro is hands-down one of the closest resemblances to the in-game character on this list. Everything about this cosplay looks like the character, and the jacket looks almost identical to the leather jacket Soldier 76 wears in Overwatch. The pulse rifle doesn't look like it was an easy job to put together either.

According to a Twitter post, Phamtaro is looking to make a Genji cosplay sometime in the near future. All the power to him. If it turns out as good as this it's sure to gather some serious attention!

What's your favorite cosplay in this lineup? Got a better cosplay you'd like to share? Leave your opinions in the comments section below!

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