Atari Declares Bankruptcy (#TheSkinny – Week of Jan. 21st)

Gamers weigh in on Atari filing for bankruptcy.

Gamers weigh in on Atari filing for bankruptcy.

Now that GameSkinny is “officially” live, we’re kicking off a weekly news recap featuring the buzz directly from our gaming audience.

Up first – Atari Files for Bankruptcy

As reported by Chelsea Stark at Mashable (among others, GameSkinny of course), “Atari Files For Bankruptcy, Company Hopes to Remain Intact.” We wanted to hear straight from you and launched the conversation through #AtariSkinny.

Lots of the media took one look at the news and declared “they’ve been on the way out forever.” But let’s be honest, even though most people under 30 have more exposure to Atari through clever t-shirts and lore from their elder gaming brethern than from actually logging controller time, most of us felt a pang of bitter sweetness at the announcement.

Your Reactions: From Bitter to Sweet

Here are your greatest memories and reactions.

@gcacho (Gieson Cacho)

@Shamel15 (Sean Hamel)


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