Awaiting the Xbox (#TheSkinny – Week of May 13)

While we patiently await next week's Xbox reveal, let's discuss #TheSkinny...

While we patiently await next week's Xbox reveal, let's discuss #TheSkinny...

We’re just a few days away from the long-awaited Xbox reveal event (set for May 21st) and we can barely control our excitement. Like we did for PlayStation 4, GameSkinny will be reporting live with play-by-plays of the Xbox event next week.

In the meantime, let’s jump into this week’s #TheSkinny, beginning with some words from our very own Vice President…

Joe Biden Causes Mixed Emotions Amongst Gamers

Vice President Joe Biden caused an uproar when he was quoted saying there was “no restriction on the ability to do that” and “there’s no legal reason why they couldn’t [tax violent images],” regarding taxing violent games and media.

Just the idea of a tax on violent video games sparked debate amongst gamers around the country, including some GameSkinny contributors. Read their thoughts below and tell us your own in the comment section:

Contest Alert! Official Dragon’s Prophet Correspondent

Think you have what it takes to become GameSkinny’s Official Dragon’s Prophet Correspondent? Two winners will receive:

  • Free round trip airfare, free hotel, and a free all-access press pass to SOE Live to cover the event for GameSkinny.
  • A paid contract to create a monthly column covering Dragon’s Prophet for the next 12 months on GameSkinny.

Think you have what it takes? Hurry up and apply! Submissions will only be accepted for the next 30 days. More details: here.

#XboxReveal – Any Last Minute Predictions, Hopes & Dreams?

Like we said before, it’s hard not to be excited for next week’s Xbox reveal. How will the new Xbox stack up to the PS4? Which next-gen console will lead 2013? We took it to Twitter to hear your last-minute predictions, hopes and dreams for the new Xbox:

Check back next week for another weekly roundup. Think we missed something? We’re always looking for #TheSkinny. Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook or in the comment section! And don’t forget to apply to the Dragon’s Prophet Correspondent contest!


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