Overwatch has got a seriously awesome and diverse set of heroes out to play with, and the community is just as eager to come up with just as many wicked merch ideas as the Blizzard store. Here's a bunch!

Awesome Overwatch Merch You Won’t Find in the Blizzard Store (and Under $100!)

Overwatch has got a seriously awesome and diverse set of heroes out to play with, and the community is just as eager to come up with just as many wicked merch ideas as the Blizzard store. Here's a bunch!

Okay, so this premium, polystone Tracer statue is neither under $100, nor is it fan-made - but it's not too far off the mark, either.

The point of this article is to give you guys a look at some of the seriously cool stuff that you just can't get on the Blizzard store... and I guarantee you'll be pretty damn impressed with what a little fan or international ingenuity can come up with, at a pretty reasonable cost.

(You may find some overlap in this article, but if you're looking at specifically cosplay or casual cosplay-oriented merch, you'll probably want to take a look at these 12 Ways You Can Start Cosplaying Overwatch Characters!)

As for this statue, well, there may be a listing for it on the Blizzard Gear store for $150 USD, but you still won't be able to get your hands on it that way - it's currently out of stock and unavailable for purchase (it was out for pre-order as early as November 2014). And let's face it, that's a crying shame because it's pretty gosh darn wicked - 10.5” in height and under-lit with an illuminated Overwatch logo base, Tracer dynamically posed, and beautifully painted. Maybe it's time to start hunting up enterprising eBayers?

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Character Keychains

Whether you're on Team Overwatch or Team Talon, this 4-piece set of keychains featuring Funko Pop!ish designs of Widowmaker, Reaper, Winston, and Tracer, are too cute to ignore... and cheap to boot!

You can find them on sale at AliExpress for $4.78 USD (and free shipping!) - and that's for the entire set. They're made of PVC, so take care where you hang them from since they're likely to smudge... but at that price, it really won't break the bank to keep a spare on hand either, will it?

Also note that if you purchase through AliExpress, they do not accept payments through PayPal. You can find them on eBay for a little more if you're not willing to share your credit card number -- that'll be about $6.64 like in this listing (just keep an eye out whether or not it comes in a set/if there's extra charges for shipping).

Soldier 76 Cyber-Goth Visor

You could call this a cosplay accessory if you want, 'cause it would be a hell of an addition to your "army of one", but this light-up acrylic clubbing visor is right up Etsy seller illumi-NATION's regular alley, who's been doing this for about 5 years now.

As sleek as they look in the listing pictures, these are laser cut and hand formed with padded earpieces for comfort and ultra bright red LEDs, they show up even brighter than you'd think!

Plus, if you're on a tight timeline for these babies, rest assured that though they're made to order, they'll be on their way to you within 5 days of payment - not bad for those experienced Etsy-goers among us that usually expect at least 2 weeks. 

Licence Plate Frame

Trying to keep things subtle, but still want to get the word out which is your gaming craze du jour? How better than a small splash of orange for the driver behind you when you flash this classy-looking plate frame in kicking Overwatch colors? 

Made to order out of aluminum, this piece also takes about 5 business days for the seller to complete before sending it out -- not bad for $15 USD (before shipping)! 

Remember, if you're looking to buy, make sure you take a good look at your licence plate first to see whether or not the frame will cover any important information/stickers that you need to show in your state/province!

D.Va Painting Print

I don't know about you, but I've mostly outgrown colorful anime and gaming posters...I say "mostly" because fan artists continue to amaze me, and Sephiroth has managed to stay so pretty for so many years. But that also means I'm running out of prime retail space on my walls. It's gotta be something that really hooks my interest.

Enter this Impressionist-y take on D.Va with her game face on from Etsy seller LilRedDotDesigns. There are a number of different Overwatch painting prints, mostly stylistically-updated versions of official images/in-game cinematic screens (e.g. Mercy, Hanzo, Soldier 76, and Pharah) and they start as low as $14.13 for 21.0 x 29.7cm, 8.27 x 11.69 inches before shipping. Note that this price is just for the print and it does not come framed!

If you want to fancy it up even more, you can choose to upgrade to a mounted canvas version instead!

Pachimari Plushie Pattern

It's quite probable that my regular Overwatch crew has gotten tired of me every time we spawn in the arcade... you know, where mountains of these babies can be boinked around the room while waiting for the match to start. Without fail, I am the one who demands to know why Blizzard would think to give us a Winston plushie, but not a squeaky little turnip tentacle monster?

I want one, I want one, I want one, and I am far from the only person who does. Enter this plushie pattern for $5.66 USD from Etsy seller ParallelCircuits to whet my appetite (it's so cute!) -- if only I weren't certain that any attempt by me to actually sew one for myself would end in tears and failure.

If you're also in the same bandwagon, Etsy seller InstantCosplay has an actual Turnip plushie selling for $35 USD! The design is slightly different, but an added bonus? It actually squeaks when you squish it.

Be still my heart.

Felt Pillows

These huggable D.Va bunny and Overwatch logo pillows are excellent for tossing onto your couch or your bed - and considering they're handmade, Etsy seller WeatherlightWorkshop is selling them at a pretty good price - $28.74 USD. 

She makes a whole bunch of different game-related pillows, and at the risk of going off on a (still Blizzard-related) tangent, you can find a few that are smaller/cheaper like this adorable little Hearthstone pillow for $14.94. 

D.Va Kawaii Decal Dress

"D.Va forevah~" has already sunk in deep on the Internet consciousness as the ultimate Doritos-munching, Mountain Dew-slugging geek gamer girl in us all, and what better way to identify with that than in a cute skater dress?

It's no surprises that D.Va's decals are quirky enough to make it onto stuff that is readily wearable on those occasions where you're playing it cute and casual as well. This dress is available from Etsy seller cuteetgeek for $55.47 USD. 

You can also find similar designs from the same seller on an iPhone 6/6S phone case for $19.81, and patterned silk scarf for as low as $35.66.

Genji Bandanna

So I admit that I'm not usually a fan of bandannas, but I'll risk weaboo status to admit that this Genji bandanna design is pretty kickass, and would look pretty awesome tied at the neck. Heck, it'd make a great square scarf at that, but here's the rub...in spite of an overwhelming amount of sizing information for all sorts of other merch on this site, RageOn! just doesn't give us any idea how big this particular square is.

Nevertheless, if you're up for biting that bullet (and honestly, I'd be tempted), this baby is going at just $14.99 USD. 

Reaper Onesie

Nothing says epic lounge wear like having a "high-functioning psychopath" on your chest. Maybe you won't want to show this off in public, but when the AC is maxing out in your room, it's not bad to cozy up in a onesie while you're clocking in Competitive Mode hours on the PTR.

It also comes in a gratifyingly large range of sizes, from XS to 5XL but it  juuuuust scrapes under the wire when it comes to price, at $99.99 USD. Not worth it to you? You can always see if this Genji onesie is more your style, even if it comes at the same price. 

Casual Heroes T-Shirts

If there's something cooler than watching these Overwatch ladies kick ass in their main outfits, it's gotta be this artist rendition of how they might look if and when they're just sitting back and rocking the casual look - and on a T-shirt!

Each of these range in size from XS to 5XL and can be yours at $24.99 USD a pop. You can find them at RageOn! in Casual Pharah, Casual Mei, Casual D.Va, Casual Tracer.

Heroes Dakimakura (Body Pillow Cover)

So I've never yet found a body pillow cover that really jives with all the stuff that's mashed into my bedroom, but that hasn't stopped the great Asia machine from churning out these slip covers for the rest of our gaming masses.

As these designs go, these ladies are cheeky but pretty tame -- and it isn't that much of a stretch to imagine leaving them out when company comes calling on your bedroom unannounced.

You can find all of these designs on eBay, and whether or not they ding you on shipping or in the actual listing amount, they mostly come out to between $30 and $40. Seen here are Tracer, D.Va, and Widowmaker.

Overwatch Ring

If you're even more invested on keeping your interested on the DL than the majority, you can still keep it classy and cool with this stainless steel Overwatch ring band for $4.99 on eBay. 

It comes in a few different sizes, so have a good idea what yours is before you buy, and remember that it's coming to you from Asia -- so don't have high expectations that it'll get to you within a week. 

Otherwise, it's a neat-looking piece to rep, especially if it is stainless steel (you never know with eBay, right?) since that means you won't have to worry about the outside coating rubbing off and the inside turning your fingers green. 

That's it!

Think we missed out on something else that's really too cool to ignore? Is it an affront to your sense of justice that it never made it onto this list, or 12 Ways You Can Start Cosplaying Overwatch Characters Too!

Let us know! Everybody loves looking at looking at neat new stuff, and that goes double for me!

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