Bayonetta 2: Sexier Than Ever

Bayonetta 2, similar combat with a new haircut.
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There isn’t much hype for the upcoming addition to the Bayonetta series as there was for the first installment. Bayonetta 2 from the trailers and gameplay footage shown at this year’s E3 does not look as if much has changed graphically and mechanically. The combat seems generally the same as before. The combo system, acrobatic fighting, and over the top animations all still present in the game. 

The few noticeable changes were mostly to the main character’s hair style, but other than that it isn’t much different from its predecessor. 

She, Herself, And Her

Although there’s a lack of noticeable changes to the game, Bayonetta’s character remains the same. One of the biggest attractive qualities of the game was the main character’s persona. Her seductive dialogue, her half-librarian half goth looks, and her obvious disregard for peace and tranquility made her a memorable female protagonist. From the few pieces of dialogue she had in the trailer, she was still as witty as ever taunting her enemies while blasting holes in their skulls.

There appears to be a melee heavy aspect to some of the combat than there was before. Several fights show her utilizing her hands and feet to assault her foes while animating her notorious effigy to deliver finishing blows.

Aside from the combat system and the hint of a co-op mode with Bayonetta’s ex rival Jeanne, there hasn’t been much information floating about the web as far as story goes. Bayonetta fans can look forward to the fast-paced high-flying combos from before, and an obvious new look to the main character, which to most is an obvious foreshadow of a change in the story elements of the game.


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