Be Part of the GameSkinny Crew at PAX East!

Come to PAX East as part of the GameSkinny coverage team!

We can’t totally spill the beans on PAX East yet, but we have big plans, and you’re a big part of them. For several folks, we’ll be springing for Friday and/or Sunday day passes. (Sorry – Saturday and 3 day sold out already.) Others will be getting full on 3 day Press Passes.We are limited on the number of Press Passes by PAX East itself, I don’t yet have the numbers.

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We’ll be having a meetup near the convention to hand out shirts, swag and just hang out as a team. While at the convention we’ll be sure you’re decked out in GS gear, and assignments and pre-coverage tips will be plentiful as we near the event. Folks with Press Passes especially will be expected to do some serious coverage, networking and so forth, but everyone will have goals to work towards (while also having a blast at PAX!)

Have your own tickets?

If you already have your own tickets, no problem! If you want to be part of the meetups, swag and coverage teams, just indicate that in the comments below.

How to Respond if You Want In

Comment and tell us:

  • What kind of pass you’d want (Press, Friday, or Sunday)
  • Why you’re interested in going (To cover the con from a certain perspective? To report on a particular game? To eat bad convention center food?)
  • Your T Shirt Size
  • Links to any event coverage you’ve done on GameSkinny if applicable
  • Link to your favorite article (of yours) that you’ve published here so far
  • Are you open to being on a panel at PAX East with other people from Gameskinny?

How we’ll decide who gets passes


You don’t need to include this info in your comments, we’ll check before assigning passes.

  • You must have published at least 5 articles on GameSkinny.
  • If you are a member of the Journalist Training Program, you must be in good standing. Katy will be vetting all JTP members who request passes.
Things that fill us with overwhelming positive bias:

You don’t need to include this info in your comments, we’ll check before assigning passes.

Can’t wait to hang out with you guys at PAX East!


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