Move over Freddy. Murderous burn victims are so 1984. These clowns are coming in for the kill.

Be the Fright of Your Next Halloween Party as These Killer Clowns

Move over Freddy. Murderous burn victims are so 1984. These clowns are coming in for the kill.

With Halloween fast approaching, people are trying to get their costumes together. If you want to be the scariest person at all of your Halloween events this year, why not be a clown? Because, let’s face it, they ain’t right. Name one cool clown. That’s right; you can’t.

Video games are no strangers to these suckers either. Many games have featured some of the scariest clowns in history. So, why not try to recreate their terrifying look to scare all of your friends and those kids down the street? Here are some looks you can try. 

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Zombie Clowns from Left 4 Dead 2

Zombies are lame. Especially during the Halloween season. They’re on TV; they’re in movies. Every city and every college campus has a zombie walk, which, to be honest, isn’t much different from a normal day on campus. So, how do you spice up this tired, old costume idea? Make it a clown, of course.

The Zombie Clowns appear in the Dark Carnival campaign of Left 4 Dead 2. They are some of the most annoying special infected in the game because their squeaky shoes attract other Infected to your location, which could actually be a fun idea for a group costume.

As far as making the actual costume goes, the clown pants in L4D2 come in different colors, so any clown costume with overalls would do. Use any old white tank top, some clown makeup and fake blood, and you’re ready to go! If you really want to make the costume convincing, here’s a scar makeup tutorial, too.

Sweet Tooth/Needles Kane from Twisted Metal

Which clown drives an ice cream truck called Sweet Tooth? It’s Marcus “Needles” Kane! Admittedly, I don’t know much about this guy, but there’s no way I could leave him off this list. I mean, look at him. His freaking mask is on fire! And there’s something to be said about someone who re-purposed an ice cream truck to be a combat vehicle.

Mr. Needles Kane has a few costumes to choose from. The easiest seem to be from Twisted Metal 2 and Twisted Metal: Black.

For his Twisted Metal 2 costume, you can use an old-timey clown suit. For his Twisted Metal: Black costume, you can ditch your shirt (or get a tank top), get a pair of white pants, and use pink fabric paint to draw on the polka dots.

As for an authentic mask, while they do exist, unless you feel like dropping $50 and up on one, I just suggest just finding a horror clown mask that shows some teeth with red hair to symbolize the fire.

The Joker from the Batman: Arkham Series

Of course, I’m putting Gotham’s Clown Prince on this list. He worked hard for his title -- and, by the gods, he deserves it. The man is terrifying. While I wouldn’t say he’s the scariest Batman villain, he could definitely make a kid wet themselves if he opened the door on Halloween.

The Joker makes a few video game appearances, but his costume is almost always the same. He is the easiest one on this list because he is such an iconic pop culture figure. Which is great, because you aren’t just limited to the Suicide Squad costume. You can have a much better one -- so be careful and wise about your Joker costume selection.

Honorable Mention: Ronald McDonald from McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure

Why did McDonald’s make their mascot a clown? Has anyone ever actually liked clowns? They’re not cool and they certainly do not make me crave a hamburger.

Every sprite of Ronald in this game confirms that he is a soulless demon. He scared me as a kid and he scares me now.






Seriously...WTF is he doing.

You don’t even need to spruce up this costume to be scary. Once you put on the makeup, you’re already nightmare fuel.

Nobody likes clowns. So, take that dislike and twist it into pure fear this Halloween with these spooky, scary costumes. Do you have a scariest clown in gaming? Add them in the comments and tell us why you’re so scared of them -- or how you plan to scare others in their costume. Happy Halloween!

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