Beat Cancer with Awesome Games… Done Quick!

Some of the speediest video game players in the world gather around to play their favorite games and help raise money to beat cancer!
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Speed Demos Archive is one of the oldest and most prolific speedrunning communities on the internet, and in the world. During the week of January 5th-11th, 2014, they are hosting the latest installment of Awesome Games Done Quick, a gathering of some of the best speedrunners, to do what they do best: make all of us feel absolutely awful at video games.

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Seriously though, AGDQ is one of the coolest things the gaming community, as a whole, has ever done. Friendly competition, donation based dares to play the games with limitations or on higher difficulties, and bid wars on naming characters to the top donators. These are some of the silly antics that occur on this week-long extravaganza and celebration of video games and gamer culture. You might even see a world record set at AGDQ 2014 (IT’S TEH URN!!)

With the goal of raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation at the AGDQ 2014 edition, AGDQ is a celebration of the good side of video gaming.

Light-hearted jabbing and joking aside, the money that Speed Demo Archives raises for cancer prevention and other charities such as Doctors Without Borders is anything but a game. Across the previous eight AGDQs, SDA has raised $1,006,971.45 for charity! Raising the bar for gaming based charity, SDA and AGDQ are putting on their biggest collection of speed runs ever this week, featuring 139 games!

So if you’ve ever wanted to see your favorite childhood games, or even more recent favorites get broken down to their fastest and most insanely technical forms, check out AGDQ 2014.

As of 2:30 pm on Monday, January 6th, AGDQ has already raised $100,000 for charity! The week is just getting started and there’s plenty of speed running left, so what are you waiting for? Head on over to Awesome Games Done Quick and check out one of the downright, most awesome things that the gaming community has to offer!

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