Beautiful Skyrim Mods Lead to Amazing Portrait Art

If you were ever wondering if it were possible to make artwork from Skyrim, you now have your answer with these stunning portraits.
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Many of us by now are quite familiar with epic game that is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - an action RPG by Bethesda Softworks available to play on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. It's should be of no surprise that the game has also inspired many fantastic mods on Steam and Nexus; where you can customize your PC gaming experience unlike any other.

Thanks to these wonderful mods, Faces of Skyrim Exhibition One was born--an art gallery curated by Andrew Cull Photography, thanks to a contest he held with some friends. Here you'll see the amazing portraits of various characters that have been made thanks to some of these mods.

Please feel free to click on the artist names to be directed to their links to see more of their amazing work. Enjoy!

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This piece is titled "a Wanderer" by CocoaCup.

This is labeled "enb_2014_06_05 20_20_26_13 " by Azeneth_Mor.

Simply labeled as "Screenshot15734" by jay.faircloth (anaphiel).

This is labeled in the exhibition as "2014_04_19_00022" by nightskia1.

Simply labeled as "enb2014_5_9_18_26_34" by Zarin_unico.

I believe this to be a Dark Elf but it's labeled as "TESV 2014-05-25 20-49-22-78" by Wanako Works.

This piece is called "Deepest Stare" by machiimachii.

This piece is titled "Eorlund with Wuuthrad" by Diethardt.

A stunning piece titled "Fearing the Huntress - Aela (6/6)" by modd3r86.

This piece is titled "Jamal (old character)" by GrizzJack.

This is a beautiful piece titled "Little Dragonborn" by valleniel.

This stunning portrait is titled "New Breton" by Maevan2.

Here we have a piece titled "Redguard" by YourAverageGrunt. I think it's absolutely fantastic!

Here we have what I believe to be a High Elf, in a piece titled "Skyrim 2014" by nalcarya.

This amazing piece is titled "Skyrim - Dispair!" by Jorundr.

This is an untitled piece by ...amoebae.

This last piece is my absolute favorite, so I saved it for last. It's titled "Tauriel" by AndrewCull himself.

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