Become a GameSkinny Freelancer – 2 Ways to Join the Team

Open call for writers to pitch and earn money with Bounty.

Open call for writers to pitch and earn money with Bounty.

We here at GameSkinny dedicate ourselves to publishing news and information that gamers want to read. We are looking for writers who want to share their passion for games and their love of entertaining writing.

GameSkinny is a community platfrom. We invite everyone to write.

However, we are always on the lookout for freelancers who will become a part of the GameSkinny team and write on a regular basis. Whether you want to be a part of our team or have a single idea, here are some ways to get you noticed and get paid for your work.  

1. Pitch Ideas

You have a wonderful, original idea that has been researched for current trends and keywords. You know that other gamers want to read about your topic. All you need now is an outlet. GameSkinny will pay you for these well-written, well-researched, trend-worthy articles on a per-pitch basis.  And not just articles: slideshows, videos and guides are accepted as well. 

Pitch your idea by emailing [email protected] and include a brief description of the main points of your article and at least 2 examples of previous work if you have not written on GameSkinny before. Accepted articles will be given a deadline that you are expected to meet.

  • Email us at [email protected]
  • Include pitch outline
  • Include working links to two writing samples
  • Write and get paid


It will not take weeks to get back to you and we try to respond to each pitch that we recieve!

We pay $15 for articles 600+ words and $20 for articles 1200+ words at the beginning of every month through PayPal. 

Note: We will not accept reviews, Let’s Play videos, or articles that contain advertisements. You will need to self-edit and fact-check your work and editors will have final say on all content. Revisions must be completed within a reasonable time of editing. 

2. Earn Bounty

The Bounty program is open to everyone who wants to be paid. You earn $0.50 USD per 1000 views after your article gets promoted to the home page. It’s simple and immediate. 

All the details are here. This is a great program for gamers at any point in their writing career, casual or serious. It is invite only, so if you are looking for a code, we send emails out randomly for people that have signed up or you can simply ask nicely at [email protected]

Become a Permanent Freelancer

Writers who excel with research and views get noticed by our staff and may be offered the opportunity to become a permanent part of GameSkinny’s freelance team.  

We can’t wait to work with you!

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