Best Couples Costumes for Halloween

Can't find the right costume for Halloween? We've got you covered.

So you've got a significant other. They're pretty cute, you're pretty cute, and you're both gamers. So what do you do? 

Here are a list of the top video game couples costumes. 

Team Rocket 

Excited for Pokemon X/Y? How about a bit of a flashback to the Team Rocket days of early Pokemon? 

You can buy the pieces from regular costume stores online, or you can go the simple route of of white t-shirt with the "R" in red paint. A sure fire costume success at any party with 90's kids. 

Harley Quinn and Joker 

Everyone's favorite Bonnie and Clyde-- Harley Quinn and Joker. This fascinating duo makes an excellent geeky/nerdy costume. 

This has a lot of options. You can go Christopher-Nolan-Dark-Knight style Joker, with lots of war paint and a slightly messy look, or you can go classic old school Joker and Harley Quinn, or you can go the route of Arkham Asylum Joker and Harley. 

Paula and Ness 

Another old school throw back, here is Paula and Ness from Earthbound. Incredibly easy to put together, you can buy the pieces from a couple of trips to the second hand store and mall. 

A great costume for the old school gamer couple. 

Zelda and Link 

This is a gamer costume classic. One of Nintendo's best known games, Zelda, has been immortalized in Halloween costumes and cosplay year after year. But there are definitely ways to spice it up. 

You can go the gender-bend route, with a male Zelda and a female Link, or go with a "Dark Link" perspective that's sure to inspire the Zelda fanboys in every group. 

Mr. and Mrs. Pacman 

Having a little Pacman fever? How about this super cute DIY costume that's bound to tap into an retro gaming excitement you might have?

Simply cut out two pieces of foam board in the shape of the classic Pacman face, cover and connect in yellow felt and voila! You have a Pacman costume you and your significant other can enjoy. 

Tetris Blocks 

The instantly recognizable classic (and still very current if you addictively play Tetris Friends) is sure to be a hit at parties and will allow you to put your DIY skills to the test. 

Just tape some cardboard boxes together to create this unique look and cover the sides with construction or tissue paper and BAM. Couples costume brilliance. 

Super Meat Boy 

Time for the indie game love! I can't find a good picture of a Super Meat Boy and Bandage Girl costume, which is honestly a shame. Because they are such simple characters it should be easy to evoke them without too much difficulty. 

And they're super cute. 

Team Fortress 2 Scouts 

There are plenty of great and distinctive characters in Team Fortress 2, but the scout is by far one of the easiest to put together on a budget. In game, the scout is a boy, but outside of the game you can play it either way. 

Seriously, type Scout costume into Google Images and see what you come up with. There are so many ways of playing this iconic character while still being recognizable. 

And can you imagine how fun it would be to run around the party with a foam bat ready to "take out" your significant other?