Best In 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Cosplay

San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, but great cosplay remains. Here are some of the coolest cosplays seen on the convention floor this year, ranked accordingly within their own categories.

The festivities are over, and attendees for SDCC 2013 have staggered home to recuperate from sleep deprivation, sore feet, and the burning holes in their wallets. Such is the glory of the internet that for those of us who were unable to finagle a way down to San Diego this past weekend, we can only make do with photographic evidence. 

Every gaming, anime, comic book, and general geekery site has exploded with some of the coolest and craziest cosplayers to set foot in the San Diego Convention Center. However, Power Ranker Ariel Kana from has pointed out that no major publisher has come out with a ranked list of the top cosplays, and has rushed in to fill this apparent void. The result looks like a random #sdcc2013 Reddit dump next to some numbers.

Unless you're trying to tell me that two pieces of monster fur and a plushie are what makes a top cosplay.

(Update: She has switched around some of the ranking since yesterday and now the furkini is #3 instead.)

Well, make it a competition if you wish, but this time around we're going to have categories just like everyone else. Many, many, many categories... Take a look at the slides to follow for some the most crazy awesome, crazy funny, and just plain crazy cosplays from this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Some will borrow heavily from the Ranker list, some won't. You know we can't possible hit all the great ones, but we can try! (Photo credits where possible.)

Photo by Hayley Sargent via Geeks Are Sexy

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Best in 8-Bit Era Flashback

This, according to Ariel is this year's #1 Cosplay overall.

While I give Meg Turney props for finding something pretty outside the usual cosplay box with her rendition of early 90s arcade hit Joe and Mac, I can't say that her monster fur bikini nor the use of her own hair count very high towards cosplay queendom. That is a pretty cute doll though.

Photo by Joe Scarnici via Yahoo

Best in Nostalgic Car Love

If you want to kick up the ante in the nostalgia category, you'll find it here with the appearance of Ecto1 and a couple of Ghostbusters. While you could certain find a Delorean to climb into at SDCC, there's something to be said about dressing up your vehicle yourself. 

Cosplay takes a pretty hardcore turn when your car joins in on the fun. 

Photo from Yaya Han Facebook

Best in Group Kigurumi

I don't actually know/remember what the term is in plain English, but this group with April O'Neil and the Ninja Turtles does rank it up pretty high. Their unique facial expressions are the defining feature of this group act.

Who knew characterization could come so simply?

Photo via heyitsapril

Best in Unique Group Wig Styling

You saw two of them on the front page, now see all four Tetris Girls (in admittedly lower quality) as a complete set! As wigs go... wow! Move over Minecraft, let's kick up the block-love old school in bright primary colors. In hair!

Screencap from Youtube video by movieclipsTRAILERS

Best in Classic Batman Movie Villains

GameSkinny does you no favors by not allowing you to see the full-sized version of this guy. You are hard-pressed to find as good a dead ringer for Danny DeVito in the 1992 Batman Returns

That face!

Photo by Jeremy Shane

Best in Wizardly Dopplegangering

Like Penguin, this guy is a dead ringer for Harry Potter movie-verse Sirius Black (right down to having Tonks as a companion!). That is some well-kept nancy hair. 

via Buzzfeed

Best in Full-body Prosthetics

On the heels of Penguin prosthetics is this epic spider... woman... thing. I have no idea who she is but, I do know that a) she is terrifying and b) that looks amazing.

This mutilated Joker comes in a pretty good second too.

Photo by Pat Loika via Geeks Are Sexy 

Best in The Most Likely Female Cosplay Suspects

Trisha Hershberger and Meg Turney round out the usual womanly parts of these classic Marvel girls with a Black Cat and Black Widow tag team.

The practical heels on Black Cat's boots are a nice touch in an area where go go boots and sky high stilettos aren't too uncommon, and Black Widow's belt looks just right. Nice!

via SourcefedNERD

Best in Unique Phoenix Design

Move aside Ruby Rocket, Yaya is gunning for your crown with Phoenix 5 Jean Grey from Marvel Alliance! Well-known for her incredibly well put-together and elaborate costumes, Yaya's Phoenix includes embellished Worbla armor and hand-made bodysuit and gloves/boots.

Photo by Adam Patrick Murray via Yaya Han Facebook

Best in Reliving the Masterpiece

Tom Hiddleston took to the stage "in this chamber, in this meager palace of Midgard, the arena they call... Hall H." His maniacally happy grin and enthusiastic reprisal of his Thor/Avengers role set quite the standard for remaking the magic.

Best in Mission Impossible Moves

Like Tom Hiddleston, Bryan Cranston was eager to relive his role... with a twist. The TV star took to the convention floor in a Walter White/Heisenberg mask like a ninja and fans were none the wiser. It wasn't until he pulled it off during the Breaking Bad panel that they realized the guy they'd been taking pictures with was in fact the real actor.

The crowd went wild.

via Buzzfeed

Best in Public Method Acting Demonstrations

Speaking of celebrities coming as themselves, Karen Gillan came to Comic-Con as Karen Gillan. Unbeknownst to fans, she'd shaved her head for her part as Nebula in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. She revealed how she'd "done something a little crazy" during her panel where she flung the wig out into the crowd to loud applause.

via The Doctor Who Hub Facebook page

Best in Unrecognized Celebrity Disguise

While on the subject of shaved Doctor Who alumni, Matt Smith, who will be leaving the rebooted franchise in the upcoming November finale, took to the Comic-Con floor in this Bart Simpson full head mask... and somehow made it through undetected, though other celebrities have tried this tactic in the past and been found out with incredible ease.

Luckily (or unluckily?) his ninja disguise worked, and he succeeded in his cunning ploy to venture forth undetected among the masses... even though he did look rather downcast afterwards that no one talked to him in the end...

via Buzzfeed's Things Celebrities Did at Comic-Con

Best in Unsettling Sci-Fi Duo 

Donnie Darko and Frank made an appearance sans murder and mayhem on the SDCC floor. I still can't look that bunny mask full in the face for too long without being creeped out...

via Norman Chan

Best in Unexpected in Horror Duo

Speaking of creepy, hailing from the halls of The Shining, the Grady Twins made an appearance in this eerily unsmiling set of redheads.


Best in Comic Book Joker

The outright fiendish glee in Anthony Misiano's face is a wonder to behold, and his face paint and hair is top-notch. The cane is also a pretty great-looking touch. 

Photo via /u/missykinns

Best in TDK Joker

With the conclusion of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy behind us, there are fewer TDK Jokers running around. This is probably all for the better since the influx of previous years has bordered on exhaustive, but this guy definitely still deserves props for being incredibly on-point.


Best in Incredibly Accurate Power Girl

Showing some DC love is this rendition of classic Kara. The first words I heard about her? "Well she definitely got the boobs right."

Boys for ya.

via Norman Chan

Best in Comic Book Steampunkification

Following up on the DC love, we have some incredibly inaccurate but still really creative Steampunk Superheroes (Harley's a little hit and miss in that respect, I agree).

via Geeks are Sexy

Best in In-Shape X-Men

Logan hulks it up hard with bulging muscles and some pretty epic claws. 

Via onexpunchxmickey

Best in Incredibly In-Shape 300 Soldier

This guy sees your manly arms nameless Logan cosplayer, and raises you one bare-chested salute on the manliness scale. Time to wrestle it out, boys. 

Screencap from Youtube video by movieclipsTRAILERS

Best in Team Death Match

This duo from Street Fighter IV look like they could take both Logan and 300 man from the previous slides in a fight to the death and still come out swinging, threat of adamantium claws notwithstanding. Well done, and those sleeves are perfect. It's the little things.

via Geeks are Sexy

Best in Lego Darth (and Bobba Fett)

Lego Darth is too cool to lose his head over anything, but his hands?

via BubbleSquat

Best in Princess Darth

Once again reinforcing the idea that what's good in shiny black is soooo much better in pink. Also, you can always grow into a lightsaber.

via Geeks are Sexy

Best in Classic Mattel Villains

Skeletor makes an appearance a the Masters of the Universe booth. 

via onexpunchxmickey

Best in Classic TV Superheroes

Adam West Batman wants YOU. (And I want that classy cowl.)

via Norman Chan

Best in Creative Burlesque Group 

Your favorite social media sites never looked so good. Now what I want to know is, it the girl sandwiched between Pinterest and Reddit supposed to be Google+?

via /u/ninety2wo

Best in Creative LED Dresses

The interior of the current TARDIS incarnation from Doctor Who, folks. The most creative way to cosplay a console yet.

via /u/cardboardtube_knight

Best in Consistently Expected to Burst Out Into Song

That's right, Mary Poppins and Bert made an appearance on the convention floor last weekend. Bet you weren't expecting that now, were you? Right down to the pocket watch detail on her dress, I was utterly charmed. A spoonful of sugar indeed.

Best in Consistently Expected to Blow Smoke Rings

Smoke ships would be an added bonus. Bilbo on his pony, with enough time and weed to keep his pipe handy.

via @karlamontz

Best in Disney Villains

Including the guy who killed Bambi's mom. The only one, I might add, who actually killed anyone. 

via @newmommabeckers

Best in Disney Heroes

There is a lot to be said about a well-designed cellophane wing, and this girl's got the knack down in spades. Peter's expression is priceless, and so are his ears!

via Norman Chan

Best in Beat-Up Props

This Captain America's stars and stripes shield has taken quite a beating, but looks much the better for it in this photo if you ask me. 

via /u/jwave

Best in Beat-Up Suits

This Iron Man takes Tony Stark to heart, showing up at SDCC with a suit already sporting the marks of glory, honor, or simply Thor's hammer, emblazoned proudly on his chest. Wicked.

Best in Minor TV Character Face Mask

Seen here as one of the cat-people nurses from New New New New... eh, you know the rest, York, this cosplayer nails it on the spot from whiskers to the perfectly turned and crisped white cap. Not even the Doctor would be able to tell the difference.

via Norman Chan

Best in Minor Movie Character Face Mask

Bet you weren't expecting this? This sweet little ballerina dancer with looks that could kill never seems to make it to the point of actually chowing down on anyone's innards... but the bloodstains don't bode well come snack time...

via @jhoffman6

Best in Vintage Group Zentai

Nothing like hanging out in something shiny and skintight with your buddies as you kick it old school Marvel with this lot. Xavier's helmet looks like the shizz. 

via Norman Chan

Best in Cutie Pie Couple

Woody and Bo Peep look like total sweeties together, and Bo Peep's crook looks just big enough to keep man hooked close. Very cute!

via @lftdg33k

Best in Not to the Death Couple

While Warm Bodies may have set diehard fans howling almost as much as the movie World War Z, there is no denying that these two are screen-ready and picture perfect. This R in particular is a dead ringer, no pun intended. Cutest undead (kinda) sweeties, ever!

via tormentalous

Best in Worlds Collide

Predator meets Star Trek meets Star Wars. You really only expected two out of the three, didn't you?

via blackfeathers

Best in Blinged Out Headgear

Amano Final Fantasy cosplayers ain't got nothing on this guy. He's keeping it classy. And blinding.

via changa_lion

Best in Most Huggable

Sonic has had his ups and downs when it comes to the success of his franchise, but there is no denying that this guy is definitely in dire need of a hug... and I want to give him one. And then maybe another one. He just looks. so. squishy!

via tormentalous

Best in Tiny Tony Stark

Right down to the goatee and aviators, this kid is looking sharp. Too, too cute. Following up on Sonic, it's hard to say who I want to hug more. 

via carmen_pics

Best in Kitty Ponytails

This kigurumi is solid... the perfect rendition of Kitty, with pigtails even! I could steal that hairbow. And wear it. Forever. Too, too cute. 

via tormentalous

Best in Organic Ponytails

Speaking of ponytails, this Twi'lek Jedi is unapologetically pink with pride, and no wonder! Those tails look awesome, and I half want to see her twirl to see if they'll sway with her. Too cool!

via flickr

Best in Stylistic Borderlands

This girl could've stepped right out of the game and you'd have never even been able to tell the difference. Wonderful level of stylistic detail. 

via Geeks are Sexy

Best in Detailed Borderlands Costuming

While lacking in the previous Psycho's spot-on stylistic black bordering, this duo's got it made in fully-decaled weapons and picture-perfect costuming. Moxxie's spot on without being overbearingly cleavage-y, an impressive feat for any cosplayer!

via Geeks are Sexy

Best in Detailed Video Game Group

The crew from Bioshock Infinite hit SDCC with a vengeance and a robot wingspan that would make an eagle envious. Down to the details work is pretty hard to accomplish at the best of times, but these guys have also added in that certain quality of being wearable into their costumes. They look like real clothes for real people, not just tailor-made to a requirement. That's hard to capture in cosplay. 

via Geeks are Sexy

Best in Just Managing to Stay Clothed... Kinda

Ah Witchblade... between you and Naruto's "Sexy no Jutsu" what need do we have for Felicias and bikini Pokemon? 

I have no idea what she made her... can I call it any outfit still? out of, but I am really impressed at the unnoticeable differences between her modesty covers and her skin. Also... walking around in that must take some real moxie, knowing how us con-goers can converge on half-naked girls given a moment's notice. 


Best in Political Agenda

And last but certainly not least, the most famous celebrity guest of all.

Because GameSkinny won't allow links at timestamps, this guy's best impersonation of America's leading voice in the White House will have to keep in favor of this brief interview with SyFy. That voice. Have you heard it before?

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