Best Roblox Christmas Games to Play This Holiday Season

Get into the festive spirit with these Christmas Roblox games!

Running towards a Christmas Tree
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‘Tis the season for snow, gifts, Santa, and joy. But could it also be a time for more seasonal games? While Halloween gets a lot of attention with horror experiences, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate virtually for other holidays, as well. Here are the best Christmas Roblox games.

The Best Roblox Holiday Games to Play at Christmas

Where’s Santa?

Roblox House and Snow
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Where’s Santa is an experience that has you work with other players. You’re at your grandparents’ house to celebrate Christmas, and everything is normal. You help set the table. Then, you play in the snow until it’s dinnertime. And finally, you’re sent to bed. But that’s just where the experience starts. In the middle of the night, Santa is kidnapped by an evil elf and the sleigh is on your roof. It’s up to you to find Santa and save Christmas.

I enjoyed the elements of mystery here and that the experience doesn’t turn into a horror-type game. The music is upbeat from the beginning and really sets the mood. However, the pacing is a bit slow. So, don’t start this experience unless you know you have the time to go through it fully.

Saving Christmas

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Saving Christmas is similar in idea to Where’s Santa, but the biggest difference is you get to ride the Polar Express. Santa needs help at the North Pole because the elves are tired of making toys. They’ve turned on him and tied him up. It’s your job to free him.

This experience features combat because you have to fight the evil elves, and since you play with other players, the game is a little harder if they leave in the middle. These are some angry and powerful elves! As with Where’s Santa, I like that this game is festive and doesn’t turn into horror. That makes it truly fitting for the season.

Little Big Christmas

Snowboarding Snowmen
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Little Big Christmas is an obstacle course with a story. Your sibling wakes you up and wants to search for Santa. However, your neighborhood is full of festive obstacles like snowboarding snowmen. the fun part, though, is that you can progress through the levels at your own pace, exploring and taking in the winter wonderland at your leisure.

Plus there are plenty of checkpoints to make this into a low-stress experience perfect for the Christmas season. The only thing I would change is the sibling character yelling to get your attention after every obstacle. It’s the exact same line over and over, and it gets old fast.

Christmas Obby

A Path with Candy Canes and Trees
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Yes, another obstacle course. But this one has about 100 levels and no story. The levels are huge and decorated for Christmas with music playing in the background. Despite the relative simplicity, I appreciated the way this Roblox Christmas game is full of holiday spirit without needing to include a narrative. We don’t need a reason to feel festive!

I didn’t think the levels were particularly hard, but some of them did make me tense up for fear of falling and heading back to a checkpoint. So there is some challenge here. Overall, this could be a fun little party game to play with the family around the Yule log.

Christmas Eve in Santa’s Workshop

Santa by a Fireplace
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Christmas Eve in Santa’s Workshop is at the top of my Roblox Christmas games list because it has a little bit of everything. Your parents are out Christmas shopping, but they gave you permission to go see Santa. This leads to an adventure in Santa’s workshop, where you help the elves prepare for Christmas through obstacle courses and searching for items.

Overall, I thought this experience felt the most festive and brightest of the bunch. Santa is okay and doesn’t need help because he’s hurt or missing. And you get to explore the workshop and a town. It’s simply fun, reminiscent of the wonder of the holiday season.

And that wraps up our list of the best Christmas Roblox games. I’d love to see more Christmas-themes games and experiences in gaming since Halloween gets the most holiday love, and I’m glad to see some creators taking up the task. From here, check out more lists, like the 10 best Roblox SCP games.

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