Best Subtle Geek Wear

What are your favorite items of geek wear?

Someday's you want to show your gaming appreciation. But you don't always want to be wearing some crazy, slogan covered t-shirts. 

This list is for those days. 

1)the Kestrel - Volante Designs 

Assassin's Creed has some great design, but the robe isn't exactly the most subtle piece of game wear. The design of the jacket is sleek, professional, but has several lines that evoke the game. 

At $150 it's definitely a pricey addition to the list, but it's a quality piece of workmanship you're sure to appreciate in the long term. 

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2: Arcade Game Sock -- Sock It To Me 

If you're looking for a quality pair of geeky socks that invoke retro arcade machines look no further than Sock it to Me. The brand carries other geeky themes as well as some more classic designs (argyle with mustaches.) 

They're quality socks with a great deal of style and can be easily  hidden under a pair of pants. Subtlety with a touch of nerdiness. 

3: Inspired Firefly Cuff from the Last of Us -- GeekOUTlet 

If you've seen the Last of Us, you know the Firefly symbol that signifies the resistance in the game. 

This piece is subtle, but is still an excellent nod to a popular and well done game. 

You can buy it here, on Etsy:

4: Companion Cube Necklace -- Fantastique Plastique 

It's like a Steampunk Companion Cube. What I like about a piece of jewelry like this is that your mother could look at it and just think it looks really sweet, but it still looks like a Companion Cube to fit that Portal love. 

You can buy it here off of Etsy:  

5: Renegade/Paragon Cufflinks 

A proper suit shirt needs cufflinks, and while you probably don't want to wear something super over the top and garish to your cousin's wedding, a touch of the Paragon/Renegade dichotomy? Definitely fashion forward. 

You can buy these on Etsy here:

6: Zelda Green Urban Slouch Hat -- Madame Peace 

What I love about this hat is how great it looks in general. A slouchy beanie perfect for fall days But it's also got that iconic Zelda look, the perfect hat for Link. 

You can find this hat here:

7: Nathan Drake Leather Cuff Watch -- Matara Design 

Nathan Drake, in the Uncharted Series has a distinctive look. One of the aspects of this look is the leather cuff watch he sports in all three games. 

With it's distinctive design and understated details, it's a great piece to add to a geek wardrobe. 

You can buy it here:

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