Bioware, Please Make the Character Customization DA3 Deserves

I outline my most earnest hopes for DA:I's character creator. Top of the list? Lighting that doesn't suck.
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Bioware makes fantastic games – even their lesser titles are still a cut above the average. But if there’s one element that consistently lets them down, it’s character customization. 

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Alright, so that’s not too bad, her eyes are nice and chocolatey brown… what do you mean they’re bright amber in-game? 

So I’ve compiled my customization wishlist and share it with you all:

1. Let there be light

Seriously, is it too much to ask for some lights? A few candles in the shadowy dungeon we’ve been given to make our persona? This is the top priority. Black backgrounds, do not an effective character creator make.

2. Let me be the control freak I am

More sliders. Let us control the shape of our lips, the flare of our nostrils. The arch of our eyebrows and whether we’re continually smirking or look like we’re about to punch someone out.

3. Body diversity

Different body types. This applies to more than the size of breasts for female characters. Let us choose how muscular we are, how wide our hips and shoulders are. I should be able to make my female warrior lithe and slender or build her like a Sherman tank. Let me make a rogue who looks like he can squeeze through tight corners or do an acrobatic flip off a ledge, or a rogue who looks like he spends his days shaking down people for their last sovereign.

4. Perfect pitch

Pitch sliders. If we’re going to be locked into a single voice for our protagonist, let us control the pitch, at least. If Saint’s Row IV can do it (As well as provide the greatest character creator known to the human race) so can Bioware.

5. More hair options

More. Hair. Long hair. Short hair. Body hair. Braids, ponytails. Hair that’s actually ginger rather than the color of burnished brass. Let us control the length of our hair, and more importantly – don’t make the styles gender exclusive.

6. More skin alterations for ALL genders

Don’t make make-up gender exclusive. Some of us want to make handsome pirate Inquisitors who rock guy-liner and maybe have a couple of earrings. Can we do that? Please and thank you.While I’m on the topic – piercings. More tattoos. Scars.

7. Freckles (I just need them)

Freckles. I cannot emphasise this enough. Freckles.

Do you have anything to add to the list? One particular feature that’s been burning you for the last two games? Let me know!

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