Bizarre Phrases Only Cookie Clicker Players Understand

Ever wondered what you might sound like while playing Cookie Clicker?

For those of you who have not played Cookie Clicker yet, the following will not make much sense.

The following are real quotes taken from a text conversation I had with a friend who was playing Cookie Clicker at the same time as I was.

Share with us what you sound like when you play Cookie Clicker!

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"It says to get 100 I click from 0 to 100...get the achievement then sell all my grandmas, so I can get another achievement without losing cookie. I've unlocked 44/93."

"How in the world am I going to accomplish 100 antimatter condensers????? This game will suck your life away!"

"I have 8 of those, but it will suck all the cookies dry if I keep doing it :/"

"The per second will be even faster!"

"I'm trying to get 50 we sound like NERDS."

"I'm at 10,139.208.4 cookies per second!"

-"Which cursor have you unlocked? I have 1,000 personal clicks and the 100,000 one. I hate clicking the cookie."

-"I have clickrastic, clickathalon, clickolympics, and clickorama...I'm trying to do clickasmic now."


-"For the mouse click am I supposed to click the cookie 10,000,000 times? That would mean clicking for half a day!"

-"I got the 10,000,000 one in a few secs...cause of the upgrades I bought just now."

-"When we finish the achievements...what will we do????? Help me."

-"We won't have lives. That's what."

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