Black Milk to Release Mass Effect Line

Ready for more Black Milk geek apparel?

Ready for more Black Milk geek apparel?
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If you’re a fan of body hugging clothing designer Black Milk and Mass Effect, then good news! Black Milk is releasing a Mass Effect clothing line. Sorry dudes, it sounds like this one is just for the ladies. 

The designer first teased the line at San Diego Comic Con, and they’ve revealed t-shirts, the standard Black Milk body conscious dress, hoodies, and leggings, with more possibilities teased. All feature the iconic N7 logo, and some feature the Shephard name. 

More details were teased in the Black Milk podcast, and discuss using comic art and other images instead of just the N7 logo. 

In geek culture, Black Milk is probably best known for creating the R2D2 and C3PO shirt, and for teasing a possible Adventure Time line. They also have Lord of the Rings merchandise on their site

As a proud owner of the Black Milk R2D2 body suit, I can say that they are a fantastic company and make a pretty solid, distinctive product. I’m pretty excited about moving into more geek culture. 

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