BlockWork’s awesome Deep Sea Planet Minecraft contest entry

From the creators behind BlockWorks, they submitted one of the best builds in the Planet Minecraft contest, Underwater Wonderland.
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While the entry period is over for Planet Minecraft’s contest, Underwater Wonderland, an intricate entry called Deep Sea stood out amongst them all. Having over 10 contributors, BlockWorks created a world that even the little mermaid would love to live in.

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About the Deep Sea Build

Bringing together a mesh of Deep Sea and Deep Space, the contributors behind BlockWorks show that although Space is man’s final frontier, the Ocean is also filled with wonders that Steve has yet to come across.

By following the rules and guidelines set forth by Planet Minecraft, they were able to create this wonderland by using a variety of blocks, default texture pack, and designing this especially for the contest.

Although the contest didn’t require a storyline to be written for the submissions, BlockWorks went above and beyond, and gave their Deep Sea world a bit of Lore.

“From the depths of the never-ending ocean, from that fathomless world of infinite mystery and unearthly beauty which man has yet to discover: 

Deep Sea

As Steve descended into the ocean depths, he found himself surrounded by an array of alien colours and shapes. There were creatures he never could have imagined, suited more to the realm of outer space than to that of the ocean.

Then, as he finally reached the sea bed, he discovered a vast complex nestled amongst the coral reefs. Enormous machines and contraptions appeared to be studying a variety of alien objects seemingly of their own accord while iridescent lifeforms swam around the strange rocks emitting a radiant glow. 

The facility had been built around these forms, studying them in the hope of harnessing their power.

Who were the ones that built it and where had they gone..?”

– BlockWork

The contributors behind the design of this masterpiece are:

Contributors that aided in the rendering, cinematic, mapping, and graphic work:

Information about Deep Sea and BlockWorks

BlockWorks uploaded a copy of the Minecraft world so it can be downloaded, but it is licensed, so you may use it for personal use but not claiming it as your own, publishing it without permission, and for commercial purposes. As for the group BlockWorks, they do offer commission from their team, and can be contact for that through their private website.

The Winners of the Contest

While the Planet Minecraft contest still has 4 days left for the judges to calculate the finalists, I’ll be keeping my eyes open for the results to announce when the opportunity arises. I do hope BlockWork’s Deep Sea makes it to the top three; they’ve done a wonderful spin on the theme Underwater Wonderland, and I think it’s amazing.

What is your favorite built from the Planet Minecraft contest, Underwater Wonderland? You can find the official list on the contest page. I’d love to hear your opinions.

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