Blood, Sweat and Pay to Win?

Have we lost our Moral Game compass? Have we let the Devos run rampant in our wallets? Are we sacrificing it all just to have a taste?
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

Is it just me, or have we polluted the waters of the gaming world? Where every little boy and girl took Mom and Dad’s laptop or desktop, and decides:

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“Hey – I wanna make video games because I like playing them!”

Now we have presented ourselves with a giant dilemma. We so need to thin the herd, and send the mass ‘new generation’ back to being Game Stop clerks. With no huge effort we the gamers have let ourselves shift towards a Free to Play game world.

Shame on the Developers, Shame on the Players

It shows much lazy effort and testifies that there are way too many people believing those online and TV ads, that ‘you too can make video games!

Well the supply of games is going thru the roof and there is no conformity. You no longer pay to play you pay to win. That’s a piss poor perspective to allow lazy developers to run rampant in our digital lives.

Its far from noble; it reminds me that people have lost value and pride in workmanship, and that efforts had more rewards then generics.

This new generation of Devos have sacrificed effort for a few nickle and dime offers, content recycling, minimum effort on DLCs which in some cases should be expansions. It angers me to see all this wasted effort, and an over abundance of game titles that most people will never see or play.

Even Consoles aren’t Safe

It’s a race to be the new game of the week on Facebook or in the MMO world, and with more access to the internet it has even seeped into the Console world. Now we are treating our games like movies, and books from a Library.

If you bought a movie and half way thru it told you to add $1 to continue watching, would you seriously even bother?

Or read 10 pages into a book and it asked to add $10 to read the best part of the book?

No, you would most likely put the book away.

I question our devos and gamers in the world.

What Does the Future Hold?

If we the players allow the game industry to go down this path, what does our future hold? Our games are nothing more than a story, and an artist’s interpretation of said story. ‘Cause if you listen on Mumble, Team Speak or any other chat service you’ll hear the players say what they think as they run thru a new release.

I wrote this to help dig our future generations’ heads out of the sands, and remind them that yes, Pong was once the most epic game followed by Pacman, and the much effort and quarters have been spent on both.

Will we pave the pathway to allow the industry to just throw a game out there, and hope it floats because it is free? I hope my view does not fall on deaf ears, and we the gamers show some dedication, along with our story tellers, to put some heart into it all, and stop the bleed out of the pay to win generation everyone has come to know.

In prevention of the death of the industry please look to the future, and the repercussions this will have on our generation and those to come.

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