Call of Duty: Ghosts Reveal – Less Than Impressive.

Call of Duty: Ghosts fails to impress.
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Call of Duty is one of many major game franchises that people say defines the genre, but is that really true anymore? I dare to question the legitimacy of that question now by giving my two cents about the Ghosts’ multiplayer reveal. Firstly, when the trailer released, I said, “Hey, I’ve seen these concepts before!” Sliding was in Crysis 2 and the lean system was in Medal of Honor: Warfighter, so to me there was little to no innovation there except for the fact that it is something new to the Call of Duty franchise. The only thing I enjoyed about the trailer was Eminem’s song.

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Then I looked at the customization features and told myself, “Hey, that’s like Uncharted’s character system.” This I didn’t mind, I welcome any and all customization to my character. I want my character to be unique and I give Infinity Ward kudos for that, but my fear is that cosmetic items will cost real life money to buy, which has the potential to be a major disappointment.

Finally, I watched the first multiplayer match and was painfully unimpressed. I saw almost no difference in quality. The graphics weren’t up to par with its competitors, the gameplay was the same repetitive nonsense that came out last time, and the design was the same! I was so frustrated because I honestly wanted this Call of Duty to pass my test. I wanted to try it knowing something was different; however, nothing in this reveal was new to me. IGN editors, Mitch Dyer and Scott Lowe, even stated the following:

DICE’s Frostbite 3 Engine and Battlefield 4 put Call of Duty: Ghosts to shame — you’d never guess they were coming out in the same year. This isn’t to say Ghosts looks bad. It just doesn’t look like you’d expect a next-gen Call of Duty game to look. Its textures are still sort of washed out and the characters move in particularly inhuman ways.

This only leads me to believe that I shouldn’t waste my money on Call of Duty: Ghosts. Instead it makes me want to put my money towards Battlefield 4.

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