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Entering into 2014 there are a lot of writers young and old, who are looking for opportunities and visibility. People figuratively clawing and fighting for every last shred of limelight, hoping that folks will read and discuss their article. The process may seem difficult and tiring to some.

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Websites like N4G, Reddit, and GameSkinny provide a place for writers to speak their minds and expand their audience. A new community would like highlight pieces submitted to them through both a website and a weekly show. The purpose of this program is to highlight both relevant topics and outstanding writing.

Carmen “Shrivasta” DeMint, the founder of Ladies of the Round Table (LORT) has this to say:

“Round Table Media LLC (RTM) and LORT are looking to expand our current staff of contributing freelance video game writers to help produce a steady stream of gaming related content.”

LORT conjured some unique talent in the video gaming industry to support this diversly driven community. With hosts like Rebecca “Bonks” Rothschild and Heather “Xia” White, to the advisory boards Megan Gaiser, Sheri Graner Ray, and Matthew Holmes. This niche corner of the internet desires to gain even more attention than it already has.

In the month LORT has started, its gained thousands of users begging for content. To help meet those demands they’ve asked for writers to submit relevant topics to their website for a possible feature.

When I asked Carmen about the content submitted, her response was:

“…we need writers who can commit to at least one article per week. You are free to write about whatever you want, within reason, as long as it fits within our demographic and is gaming related. You may write game reviews, previews, news, guides/walk-through’s, slide shows, and opinion pieces on any platform — PC, Mobile, PS3, Xbox 360, Ouya, etc..”

“Posts/articles go through a normal editorial review process. We have a fantastic publishing that includes polls, slide shows, and a built-in editorial workflow to make the process to add media images easy.”

In addition to the thousands of eyes grazing over the site, some of the best material gets promoted to discussions during the weekly show. The opportunity for said article, intends to benefit both author and LORT. A “scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” kind of mentality. These topics can range from news to culture, and written in a non-offensive tone. In other words, don’t be rude, no name calling, things like that. You can express an opinion without degrading someone, so be tasteful.

Who’s the right candidate for this task you may ask? Carmen was specific when she replied:

“We are looking for active and experienced online writers. [People who are] friendly, engaging, and passionate about video games and enjoys those discussions. [This person should] dedicate enough time to contribute at least one article per week. They should actively engage with the rest of the team on social media sites.”

“Remember, when RTM and LORT needs to fill an editor or director position, we ALWAYS look to our existing team. We look for the brightest, best, and most active writers to promote from within.”

As I’ve watched this community grow in the last month, the diversity and range in which its audience spans is outstanding. If you’re a beginner or just want to help a good endeavor, this would be a great place to start. Though this gig is not paid, you’re still generating views, expanding your audience and gaining tons of invaluable experience.

As 2014 begins we have many choices to make when entering into the video game industry at any capacity. Getting involved in a positive community and growing your audience never hurts. Besides, you might find yourself applying for an editorial position or a director’s chair before you know it.

Do you have what it takes for the LORT community? Do you want to start discussions about games to an audience that’s craving it? Then what are you waiting for, go to Ladies of the Round Table and get started.


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