Castle Crashers: Bring the Pain

I admit it, I fake console knowledge pretty good. But I'm pretty so lay off :P

Okay, don’t pull out the pitchforks but I’m not much of a console gamer, to be honest I’d rather be rocking out on my laptop or on my phone.

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It’s not a hatred of Sony or Microsoft or anything like that, but medical. I suffer from Hypermobility and all the button mashing makes my hands cramp. I usually get a few matches out of Street Fighter before Chun Li needs to take a break because my hands have been KO’d, and I usually only manage an hour or so of some retro Spyro or Crash Bandicoot on the PS3 before I give it in. 

However, my lovely Husband-to-be downloaded Castle Crashers on the XBox 360 when it was on sale a few weeks ago here in the UK. My girliness squeeeed at the music, the pretty colours and I was in love as soon as I saw the Pink Knight! 

Castle Crashers – Purple Knight and Pink Knight by MelSpontaneus

So I let DAN_HERE!!! and my brother Rightobobo convince me to try it out. 


I will not often admit the boys are right, but sadly on this occassion they are, and ever since I’ve been playing like a crazy person. 

I’m the heart covered Pink Knight and Dan is the Antlered Purple Knight. But I’m cuter, got it?

I shoot fricken’ rainbows. I started with a lollypop weapon and shot heart shaped arrows. 

It’s the first time in a long time I have managed to finish a game (I usually play more open ended ones) and now we are running through on some other guys. Granted compared to the two boys I suck, the ends of my thumbs are not flat for years of repeated button pushing so they have me at an advantage there, but I hope I am not awful. 

It takes a lot for me to want to play a game, I’m pretty set in my ways afterall; give me WoW, The Sims, some Pokemon, I can pick it up and be rocking away in no time but it’s nice to have found a game I can play with my friends and family and be halfway decent at. 

Yay for Castle Crashers for restarting my journey into console gaming, a journey that was paused at the PS1. 

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