Casually Explained: Guide to the Human Player Type

A brief summary of the Human Player Type; warning may include possible life spoilers!
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YouTube user Casually Explained gives us a brief walkthrough and tutorial on the newly released “Human Player Type” in Evolution III. From selecting a decent starting region depending on whether you wanna play casually or speed run the game, to also giving a helpful tip on avoiding that pesky private server in the far east; which won’t let you leave once you’ve joined.

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Notably he fails to mention if you get banned in the private server in the far east, instead of being kicked out, your character and fellow guild members are forced to mine salt resources for a large unknown period of time.

He also advises of certain parenting NPCs with possible bad RNG that could ruin your stats for the rest of the game, to covering the expensive “College DLC” — to then choosing a companion character, generating currency, and also advising of the lack of explanation yet from the developers on why the screen goes black when you reach around level 80 or so.

Bringing things crashing back to reality

In case you couldn’t already tell, Casually Explained is a YouTube channel that periodically delivers humorous guide videos on most topics surrounding life itself and the real world in general in a satirical manner.

From explaining how to make a successful YouTube channel, to “ The Friend Zone” — or even finding a job! I encourage you to check out his content if you’re looking for a good laugh, or in my case to burn up an entire afternoon.

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