Casualties of Multiplayer: Player One is No More

Single player games becoming extinct?
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In the rapidly changing video game environment it seems as though single player games are getting to be few and far between. Games that earned a spot in gamer’s hearts for a lifetime, games like Bioshock, Fallout 3, and Lords of The Fallen, are getting to the point that it is rare when they are released. 

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Even as time goes on in a franchise it seems as though developers feel the need to try and put a multiplayer mode in. Using Bioshock and Bioshock 2 as a prime example again. The first in the series has no multiplayer and a story to chill spines. The twist is more than amazing and leave nothing to be desired. The sequel is also a great game. However, if the developers had spent less time on the multiplayer and more time improving the single player it could have gone down in history as another great.

Games like Titanfall, Plants Vs Zombies, and Destiny are becoming the social norm. Sadly there are many gamers that are not looking into the future. Yes, this is getting ahead of the gun a bit, but imagine this scenario.

For us older gamers the days of Atari, NES, SNES, etc are not too long ago. If those games didn’t run properly, well even after blowing in them. If they didn’t run properly then they would be worthless. 

Games launched today seem to have an online only functionality. Looking at a game that was a PS3 exclusive, M.A.G. This game had great potential and was fun while it was operational. However now that the servers are down the disc might as well be stock piled and used for a scene in a Shaun of The Dead remake. The discs would truly stick into the skulls of the living dead well, I mean look at how compact they are.

The trend of online only and heavy multiplayer is here to stay. I don’t feel I am the only one that this worries. Games need to cut back on the multiplayer options and start focusing on the single player. After all, it only takes one person to buy a game.

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