Catch the Most Exciting Game This Holiday Season

Holiday season 2013 has started, and the game I'm most excited for this Holiday is Pokemon X & Y.

Holiday season 2013 has started, and the game I'm most excited for this Holiday is Pokemon X & Y.

With the release of GTA V, Wind Waker HD, and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remaster, it’s pretty much officially Holiday gaming season. The first big titles of fall are here and there are plenty more down the road.  While we have a lot to look forward to this holiday, especially the new console releases, I’m going to focus on one particular game I’m really looking forward to: Pokemon X and Y.

What makes these great holiday games?

Pokemon X and Y drop a bit early for the holiday season, a full month and a half before Christmas, but they’re still close enough to be considered holiday gaming.  The big factor is that it’s a series that’s a huge draw for child and adult gamers alike. The series appeals to everyone, and it’s fun for everyone.

The series is also a huge phenomenon.  It’s sure to sell well on its name alone, but it’s not stopping the developers from making the game as good as they can possibly make it. There’s a sort of love and dedication that’s obvious from watching the game develop, and it’s sure to help make X and Y a smash hit.

Pokemon is old hat now, what’s there to be excited about?

The big argument against Pokemon is that all the games are pretty much the same, but X and Y seems to be trying to change that. The games are the sixth generation of the Pokemon series, and look to shake things up and give the series a freshness it hasn’t had in a long while. Mainly, there are several outside mechanical changes that don’t alter the series formula, but also give the game enough freshness to keep it from seeming too stale.

The biggest new change is Mega Evolutions.  A select few Pokemon from previous generations are getting new forms with better stats and abilities.  These forms look to make Pokemon that haven’t seen much use or popularity in a while more relevant, and power up some Pokemon that really need it without giving them direct evolutions. Absol, whose mega form is pictured above, is one such Pokemon that gains a lot of utility from his new Mega form.

The game is also adding a new Pokemon type. The new Fairy type changes up a lot of the balance within the Pokemon game as it stands now, as it gives two of the most prominent types, Fighting and Dragon. It also removes the Ghost/Dark type combination’s lack of weaknesses, which makes Spiritomb and Sableye weak to Fairy now. A few Pokemon are being retconned into the Fairy type, including Marill and Mawile.

The last new feature I want to talk about is Pokemon-amie, which allows you to play with your Pokemon and strengthen your bonds with them. It’s an interesting new feature that seems to focus on becoming friends with your Pokemon, something that has been intended as the main focus of the series since its inception.  Seems like it should have been added long ago, but better late than never.

Pokemon X and Y are definitely good titles this fall to get excited about, especially in the sea of hype we have for new consoles and games.  Keep an eye out for it October 12th, and get back into the Pokemon world!

So what do you guys think? What are you most excited about this holiday? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned to Gameskinny for more holiday gaming news.

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