Cath – Ranger, Bounty Hunter & Bear Lover

For Hire. Bring Fish for Grumpy
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Meet Cath Rydell & her trusted polar bear Grumpy. This deadly archer is a proud Norn and not afraid to show it! She rocks a trench coat just like most medium classes but she got bounty hunter flair with mini skirt & fingerless gloves.

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What is she wearing?

  • Wolf Mask – Norn Cultural Tier 3 – Walnut
  • Wolfborn Shoulder – Norn Cultural Tier 1 – Pink Ice, Midnight Gold & White
  • Rascal Coat – Leatherworker/Trading Post – Midnight Rust, Walnut & Pink
  • Predatory Gloves – Norn Cultural Tier 2 – Pink Ice & Midnight Yew
  • Predatory Leggings – Norn Cultural Tier 2 – Midnight Rust & Lime Ice
  • Wolfborn Boots – Norn Cultural Tier 1 – Pink Ice, Walnut & Mint Ice
  • Rox’s Quiver – Flame & Frost – Living Story – Gem Store


Why this look?

There isn’t really a story behind this look, it came from playing with armor in the PvP lockers, she does look like a kick ass bounty hunter! She’s also dyed to match Kudzu the legendary, maybe one day she’ll have it…

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