Changes made to Prison Architect between 1.0 through 2.0.

Changing of the Prison Guards, From 1.0 to 2.0 in Prison Architect

Changes made to Prison Architect between 1.0 through 2.0.
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Prison Architect is a prison construction simulation video game, developed by Introversion Software. With a BAFTA already sitting in the office display cabinet, this game has been highly anticipated and momentum has been fast paced with numerous changes made — expanding what can be done in the game.

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So, Prison Architect version 1.0 was the Campaign Story release, full of escape modes, collecting items and special wardens. The game then developed further, with the introduction of female prisons.

On January 20 2016, it was announced that as well as Steam, the game would be available for Xbox and PS4, thus increasing the number of people who can play the game.

Tightening the in-game prison security was the next step, where guard towers and snipers were introduced and also secure visitation booths. Staff tasks can also be prioritised too for convenience.

Concentration upon the ambient temperature of the prison came next, as well as a quick room build option, which gave players the templates for basic cells and offices. Controlling the weather conditions was also added. All these things affect the prisoners and staff and have a knock-on effect onto other aspects of the game.

Players can also check out other players prisons for inspiration, as there’s now a top 10 list! There has been ongoing bug fixes, changes to mod API and language translation.

On 28 June 2016, Prison Architect was released for Xbox One and PS4 and after this point, more aesthetic amendments to menus and interfaces were developed to prepare for the launch of version 2.0.

On Friday 26 August, the version 2.0 was released, with a few more changes, including whether the player wants to ‘cheat’ and policy windows where the player decides what crimes should have what security.

This is a game, where the changes are generated through play to expand the parameters of the game, with the clear potential of what can be done and a clear commitment to game development.

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