Charr Can Look Good Too

Perhaps the only good looking Charr you've seen!
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This is my Charr, Entrial. It seems to be popular opinion out there that Charr look bad in everything and I set out to prove them wrong.

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Finding the armor that worked the best wasn’t too bad.  One of the biggest complaints about Charr armor is the clipping that occurs with helms. The Inquest set’s helm does cut off your horns, but it fits very well otherwise in this instance. I occasionally hide the helm to look more menacing, but it is nice that I can show it without breaking the look.

Finding the perfect dyes was a bit more difficult (and costly) due to Inquest armor muting colors a bit in comparison to other metal armors. I would find a color that I thought would be perfect only to find that it would look completely different on the Inquest armor. I went through around 10 color schemes before I finally settled on the one displayed.

I’ve received several whispers relating that I am the best looking Charr people have seen and I hope you all feel the same.

The dyes:
  • Silver
  • Pyre
  • Cherry
The equipment:
  • Inquest Helm (not shown)
  • Inquest Pauldrons
  • Inquest Breastplate
  • Inquest Gauntlets
  • Inquest Legguards
  • Inquest Greaves
  • Sunrise

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