Check Out These Two Resources for Up to Date Terraria 1.2 Spoilers

Keep up to date with Terraria 1.2 spoilers via two community resources.

As much as I like making posts showing off the latest Terraria 1.2 patch spoilers, there is no way for me to keep up with and report on them all.

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If you want to get a big ol’ cup of up-to-date information on the upcoming patch, there are two resources you should keep in your bookmarks until the patch makes its way to our PCs.

The first resource to keep on hand is the Official Terraria IRC & PlugDJ Spoilers Thread on the Terraria Online forums.

The OP post in the thread above contains a convenient list of images containing screenshots of new items and features in the 1.2 patch, as well as screenshots of Redigit speaking to fans about what’s to come in IRC and PlugDJ.

The spoiler thread is a decent enough source of information on the coming patch, but confirmation from two separate sources can be comforting when getting antsy over release.. If you want to have all of your bases covered, be sure to check out this Terraria Spoilers sheet on Google Drive.

The Terraria Spoilers sheet is updated frequently, cleanly laid out, and filled with similar screenshots as seen in the spoilers thread. This layout may be more convenient for some, while the former for others. Most of the information found in one is mirrored in the other.

The latest big reveals on the patch will be posted here on GameSkinny (as usual), but there are always little tidbits that slip through the cracks. Be sure to keep both of these resources bookmarked as we edge closer to Terraria 1.2.

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