Chuck Nourïsh: BAMF

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This is Chuck Nourïsh, my beloved mesmer. He kicks ass and looks good while doing it too. He was offered the Pale Tree’s job but refused because he doesn’t like to wear all white. The Caladbolg is Chuck Nourïsh’s toothpick and the great Trahearne is actually one of his phantasms.

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 Legend says that characters that Chuck Nourïsh kills in WvW are permanently deleted.

You can also look epic by wearing:

  • Watcher’s Helmet
  • Corrupted Orrian Mantle
  • Light Armageddon Garb
  • Radiant Vambraces
  • Inquest Pants
  • Light Armageddon Shoes


Abyss , Lemon Ice, Dijon, Nectar, Antique Gold and Orchid.


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