Club Penguin shut down on March 29, 2017. But it will live on in these hilarious memes!

Club Penguin Finally Shut Down — But It Will Live on in These Glorious Memes

Club Penguin shut down on March 29, 2017. But it will live on in these hilarious memes!
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Club Penguin will be missed, especially now that it's been replaced with Club Penguin Island -- which many find disappointing. But it's okay, #NotMyClubPenguin will be around for a while for all to lament its passing.

But, if you'd rather laugh then cry over the loss, then you've come to the right place. Because Club Penguin Will Live On in These Glorious Memes.

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I'm not sure who this person is, but they were clearly upset that no one laughed at their joke.

Weird thing is that the ban is what made me chuckle.

I wonder what that means for Nikoluvjules' comedic career...

Ah, well, I guess all that matters is that his meme lived on, even when Club Penguin didn't.

In all the years that Club Penguin existed, someone must have thought about an alternate universe where the penguins were the rulers and humans were a  game that you played with.

I mean, if the multiverse theory is true it's possible.

The point is, if you haven't figured out this meme by now, you probably never will...

Nothing says goody-two-shoes like asking your mom about Mafia business...

But what happens when she logs onto Club Penguin to yell at the fool who asked you in the first place.

And how old are these people anyway. I mean, do they even know what a gang is?

I guess it doesn't matter... that mom probably banned the kid from playing ever again.

Are all children this dark, or is it just this person? Either way, they're not getting away with those murders!

Unless, of course that lava is hot enough to melt the bones of his/her enemies. Then maybe.

How many bones do penguins have anyways, and are they the same density as human ones.

Maybe that theory should be tested... jokes.

Murder is wrong.

I didn't know that Club Penguin taught the values of cannibalism, as well as supply and demand. Ha!

Or would it still be called cannibalism. Maybe it's really penguinism... although that could be equivalent to racism.

The suffix -ism seems to mean a lot of things. Perhaps it's worth looking up?

The point is, penguins shouldn't eat penguins!

And I thought my fashion sense was lacking...

I mean, really.

It looks like someone used the Paint app (that's still a thing, right... or is my age showing?) and just scribbled all over their penguin with the ugliest color combo they could think of.

Thank you Fashion Police for going after this man... I mean, pengman... I mean, penguin.

If anything was going to be banned, it should have been this bad joke by Edthevamp...

The sad thing is, this is a classic pick up line.

And how did he know that he was talking to a girl penguin? He could've been talking to a boy penguin.

OMG...what if the boy penguin was playing a girl penguin and just went along with it. And then they meet IRL and find out...

I mean, stories for days. Though that could just be my obsession with And You Thought There Was Never A Girl Online talking -- you all should watch it by the way. It's an anime.

There goes that dark humor again...perhaps they were a part of the same cult...

Of course, if you're hiding the bones from the lava place in the mine, it kind of defeats the purpose of them being your enemies.

I mean, why give them a burial area in the first place.

Do they deserve that sympathy?

I think not.

Not sure if this was a joke, or if something sinister is going on. Either way, it made me laugh...

But I wonder what the parent of this child thought. Like, did the mom walk into the room and ban her kid from playing ever again, or did she chuckle and move on.

I mean, IDK, is there even a point to explaining stranger danger in an MMORPG?

*shrugs and throws up hands*

And we wonder why children are so cruel...

Although, if these are kids... then it's the parents who would be considered cruel.

I mean, it's learned behavior right?

All I know is if I'm drowning, you're going down with me. And, if you don't go down, I'm using you as a life raft.


When you're looking for someone to bond with...

It seems that any little thing could get you banned from Club Penguin. So much so that people began making a game out of it.

I believe the most popular choice was using the word "cum" instead of "come." Which is interesting, because it's totally used as short hand now.

Why? I have no idea.

Art and culture at its finest...

I mean, look at the depth of that painting. The fortitude. The brush stroke. It's a masterpiece I tell you!

I wonder how much it sold for, because only a true visionary would realize that not painting the snow is the best at to paint it.

White in its purest form...


If I had a dollar for every time I heard that pick up line... I'd only have the one...

It's a pretty bad one. Almost worse than the previous one I showed you.

And what's even sadder, is that it's a line that works!

The question is, what exactly is being put down?

On second thought, don't answer that. We all know what the sick euphemism is.

This must have appeared when Cribs and Soulja Boy was in, making this OUTDATED!

Although, the idea that I know what that show is and who that artist is might make me outdated.

Oh no!

Am I losing my relevance in this world due to the ripe old age of twenty something?!

When someone takes the joke too far...

It's okay. Because they're going down in the molten lava.

Hey, what's worse?

Being pushed in it, or falling in from the top.

I'm thinking either way would make me come back and haunt the poor soul who tried to off me in the first place.

They say revenge is best served cold, but since it's penguin land, I'm serving a big old piping hot dish of it!

If YOU know of any great Club Penguin memes, post them in the comments below!

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