[Contest Alert] The Best Dressed Character in Guild Wars 2

Think you have the swankiest outfit in Tyria? Prove it!

[UPDATE 8/13]: Entries are now closed – thanks to the over 500 fashionable Tyrians that shared their outfits and their stories!

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We’ve got a tough job choosing the winner, but keep your eyes peeled for the announcements August 28th! If you’re following Guild Wars 2 you’ll recieve all the latest GW2 news on GameSkinny, including contest winners.

[UPDATE 7/30: ArenaNet has kindly added some awesome prizes to the contest, and that means we can have MORE WINNERS! Check out the categories and prizing below to see the new stuff, and be sure to thank our friends at ArenaNet.]

Guild Wars 2 players have been finding, crafting, and perfecting their outfits for nearly a full year, turning a walk down the busy streets of Lion’s Arch into a riotous display of color, fabric and sheer fabulousness.

Think you’ve got the best outfit in Tyria? Prove it and you could win big for showing off your threads.

Making A (Virtual) Fashion Statement

Guild Wars 2 sports some of the most impressive, detailed and customizable clothing options of any game. Though the game focuses on questing and battle, ArenaNet gave a solid nod to fashion junkies and role players everywhere by allowing nearly total control over colors and a huge array of outfits to choose from. Players have responded with everything from lengthy speculation about upcoming armors to passionate responses regarding available clothes.

Thanks to impressive levels of clothing options and color customization, Guild Wars 2 stands out as one of the most fashion-focused games today; so we’re celebrating a year of fabulous in game fashion with a contest.

Strut Your Stuff!

Show us your favorite outfit from Guild Wars 2, and you could celebrate the 1 year launch anniversary with endless bragging rights and some very cool prizes.


First Place
  • A custom character portrait by artist Nathalia Gomes. Nathalia’s works have been featured in Photoshop Creative and UDON Tribute book for World of Warcraft.
  • 4,000 Gems



Second Place
  • SteelSeries Guild Wars 2 Gaming Mouse so you can vanquish enemies and swap outfits in style.
  • 2,000 Gems



Third Place
  • Guild Wars 2 Limited Edition Strategy Guide
  • 2,000 Gems


[NEW] 6 Special Awards added with prizing from ArenaNet!

Here are the special categories outside of first, second and third place that will be awarded. Every entry is eligible and considered for each category upon entering the contest.


Most Diabolically Fashionable

Prize: Signed Guild Wars 2 Art Print with Certificate of Authenticity

Do you have the most menacing necromancer or the most terrifying mesmer? Enter the contest and you might take home the prize for the most evil and innovative fashion statement!


Most Adorable Outfit

Prize: Signed Guild Wars 2 Art Print with Certificate of Authenticity

Think pink is the new black? Can’t get enough plush bookbags? You might just charm the judges and take home the award for Most Adorable Outfit! Cuteness counts!


Most Couture Character

Prize: Signed Guild Wars 2 Art Print with Certificate of Authenticity

Is high fashion your higher calling? Have you taken care to create the finest collection of clothing in Tyria? Don’t be surprised if the judges award your efforts with this special category. Remember: You don’t make fashion, you are fashion.

Most Imposing

Prize: Signed Guild Wars 2 Art Print with Certificate of Authenticity

Does the sight of your Charr leave other players running in fear? Does your Norn cause NPC’s to break a sweat and consider changing towns? Put on your best scowl and make our judges afraid not to pick you for this category!

Most Unexpected

Prize: Guild Wars 2 Artbook

Go ahead, surprise us! We’ve seen some really cool character costumes we’d never even considered enter the contest, and we can’t wait to see what else is out there. This category will go to the wackiest, coolest, most unusual creation.


Best Fashion Story

Prize: Guild Wars 2 Artbook

Does your outfit tell a story about your character and their place in Tyria? Get wordy and weave a tale about your outfit. This category will go to the player who charms us with their words and their style.


Enter Now – It’s Easy!

  1. Take a screenshot or video of your character in their best threads, and post it to GameSkinny. Include some details about what you’re wearing, why you like the outfit, and any other details that you think are interesting. [Example Entry]
  2. Tag your entry “GW2 Fashion” (if you post using the button below, we’ll tag it for you).
  3. Share with your friends! Comments and community reaction are considered in the selection process, so ask your friends to check out your entry and weigh in on your outfit.

Winners will be selected based on public comments & reaction, views , general awesomeness, to be determined by GameSkinny Staff.


Good luck!

Check out the Entries!

Looking for a new look in GW2? Get inspired by taking a look through the entries!

Slideshow of the current entries part 1
Slideshow of the current entries part 2
Slideshow of the current entries part 3


View individual entries


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