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The best part is you can use your modded Pokebuddies in battle and as mounts.

The best part is you can use your modded Pokebuddies in battle and as mounts.

Have a special place in your heart for Cube World and Pokemon? Have no fear, my friend! The Cube World Forum community is always hard at work at modifying the game to fit everyone’s interests, and this time around we’re looking at the Pokemon .cub mods available for you to make your adventure a little more to your liking.

Before the mods

One of the best things about Cube World is the fact that every in-game model can be modified, as can several other of the game’s files to make for a more customized experience. In order to take advantage of these .cub file modifications, you must download a model editor and launch the game via a custom launcher.

You can choose either CWME or CWModelEditor to modify your files, and the custom launcher can be found here. Each link has directions on how to get things up and running. Be not intimidated! The modification process is simple and relatively painless.

Cube World x Pokemon

A thread on the forums is dedicated to the topic of taking the in-game monster models and swapping them out with Pokemon. Want to replace bats with Zubat? BAM! You can do that!

Want some more Bulbasaur in your life? BAM! You can do that too!

It is really amazing to see the dedication of fans when they put their mind to something! At the time of writing, there are 40 Pokemon monster reskins listed and available in the main thread. If you are feeling a bit lazy, you can grab the pack right here. There are even instructions to change monster names to their Pokemon counterparts in the readme file.

The 40 that are currently available are certainly not the last, as the forum’s .cub Gallery mega-thread is packed with skins just waiting to be installed. If you do not feel like wading through a ocean of posts, sticking to the Pokemon-specific thread will get you plenty of reskins with some patience.

Gotta catch’em all with Ashe Ketchum

Want to make your Pokemon experience almost complete? One forum user has created a mod to swap out the Lizard race for Ash Ketchum, complete with hair color and cap options available in the character creation process.

Here is a link to the direct download of this mod, which can be installed using the same method as the Pokemon skins above.

Of course, these are not the only mods for Cube World. Be sure to check out the Modding/Downloads section of Cube World Forum to check for other mods that may tickle your fancy. New mods are being added all day everyday. Be sure to head on over and say thank you to the fans hard at work making the game all it can be!

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