Cutest video game characters (Part 1)

The cutest video game characters so far.

The cutest video game characters so far.

With so many different games and so many different genres, it’s pretty easy to find ugly or creepy-looking video game characters. However, there are plenty of cute, cuddly, adorable-looking video game characters as well. Whether it is on your PC or your PSP, here are some of the cutest video game characters so far.

1. Jiggly Puff (Pokemon)

Source: Wikia

This cute, pink, ball of fluff is not only precious, but she has a great voice to match. How can you not want to hug that face?

2. Kirby (Kirby)

Source: Tode de Nintendos

When I think of Kirby, a pink gumball comes to mind. And who doesn’t love gumballs?

3. Sack Boy (LittleBigPlanet)

Source: Wikia

This little boy would be super creepy if it were not for his adorably large smile and even larger eyes.

4. Pikachu (Pokemon)

Source: Smash Bros.

The king of cuteness, Pikachu, is the most adorable rat-like creature you will ever lay eyes on. Even if his attitude doesn’t match his looks.

5. Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)

Source: KG Brasil

This fox is so shy and sweet and has a perpetually happy look on his face that is too cute for words. It’s pretty obvious why he made this list.

6. Yoshi (Super Mario World)

Source: Giant Bomb

This little, green creature is actually not a turtle (contrary to my belief). Yoshi is an energetic, green dinosaur that is even cuddlier than Barney. 

7. Diddy Kong (Diddy Kong)

Source: Smash Bros.

This smaller, less aggresive version of Donkey Kong is one of the cutest monkeys there is.

8. PaRappa (Parappa the Rapper)

Source: Prima Games

A rapping dog is cool enough as is, but Parappa is cool and cute. Plus his orange beanie gives him that gangster rapper look that is so irresistable. 

9. Chocobo (Final Fantasy)

Source: Legendra

This chipper yellow bird can give Tweety Bird a run for his money any day. Super intelligent and friendly – what’s not love about this feathered friend?

10. Toad (Super Mario Bros.)

Source: Link Random

Who knew a mushroom could be so adorable? This tiny and cheerful character may be a coward but he tries his best to help out his friends.

What cute characters didn’t make this list? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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