Dark Sylvari

My GW2 Fashion outfit!
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My name is reidy i am a sylvari of the grove, like all sylvari i was born of the pale tree but thats is where our similaritys end. in my dream i had this overwhelming sense that something was not right, the dream is a lie and the mother tree is teaching false ideoligy. unfortunatley my views were considered radical and unstable, i was branded evil and dark, cast out of the grove and exiled to the farthest reaches of Caledon Forrest i have taken this name and used it for my own


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I became enraged that i was alone cast out by my people and then i found Faolin and the nightmare court

although they are also misguided i have infiltrated them  and im making my way up their ranks i will eventually take over and they will see things my way one way or another and then once i have control i will march on the grove at the head of a full army of dark sylvari and we will take back our birthright our home!


Everyday my power grows ten fold soon the grove will be mine

Gear list-

Full tier 3 sylvari medium cultural armour


Midnight fire and Red

Black skin and Red Glow

i went with this setup because i wanted a evil looking sylvari and i think the red, black and midnight fire  is really good i have managed to match my sylvari glow with my armour perfect which took a full make over kit but it was worth it! 


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