Day9 Plays Through Bastion

Day9 will be streaming his playthrough of Bastion today on his Day Off.

Sean Plott (more famously known as Day9) will be streaming his playthrough of the popular Supergiant game Bastion from 1 PM EST to 8 PM EST.

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Known for his Starcraft commentary and hilarious personality, Sean has been a gamer for most of his life. In his “My Life of Starcraft” video, Sean outlines his career in gaming and his passion for Starcraft.

As a gamer, I cannot even begin to express how refreshing it is to find a popular streamer who creates such a positive atmosphere in the gaming industry. Wherever Sean goes, he’s putting smiles on people’s faces. Even when he’s tired from casting or hosting an event, he’ll sign autographs and meet with fans. He can take the worst game of Starcraft and make it hilariously fun, changing negative situations into a learning experience that makes you feel good about yourself.

Plus, he’s really just a funny guy. Catch his Funday Mondays (obviously every Monday) for some great Starcraft II commentary. Tasking the community with an insane mission, Day9 accepts matches sent in from thousands of players who have completed the objective and streams them with often hilarious results.

For a really great experience, head over to at 1 PM PST. The stream will take place on the main page, and often times he’ll do a pre-stream bonus, so tune in a few minutes early!

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