Defender of Kryta

I might be part of the Ebon Vanguard, but a girl's still got to look good.
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In 1070 AE, one of my ancestors survived The Searing that razed across Ascalon and turned it into a decrepit wasteland. With his homeland in shambles, he followed Prince Rurik across the Shiverpeaks to Kryta in search of aid. He went on to accomplish much in his lifetime, but he never forgot about his home.

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Ten years after the searing, he was called back with the rest of the Ebon Vanguard by King Adelbern to help establish Ebonhawke.

Now, as a long standing member of the Ebon Vanguard, I defend Kryta from the every day threat of invasion. With the Dragons creeping up onto our doorstep, the threat has never been greater.

Like much of the Ebon Vanguard, I am currently stationed in the Fields of Ruin. Ever since truce negotiations between Human and Charr began, there’s been a growing dissent coming from both sides. I’m here to keep the peace.

I was, however, a little underwhelmed with the Ebon Vanguard uniforms. As a Mesmer, I have a natural penchant towards fashion, so I only thought it appropriate to take a little liberty with my uniform.

My Uniform

You’ll be needing the following items:

  • Feathered Headpiece
  • Phoenix Mantle
  • Phoenix Vest
  • Phoenix Gloves
  • Phoenix Pants
  • Phoenix Shoes
  • A selection of Ebon Vanguard weapons

As well as the following dyes:

  • Illumination
  • Celestial
  • Iron (matches the Ebon Vanguard weapons much better than Black or Abyss)
  • A nice pale blue to go with the accent that some of the weapons have. I use Stream

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