Defiance – Getting Your First Castithan Blade

A Few Ways To Get Your Castithan Blade In Defiance
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Defiance‘s first DLC is out and one of the more sought after items is the Castithan charge blade. I had a little trouble figuring out how to find one so I thought I would put this together to help people find it a little easier.

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Arena Missions

The first way to get a blade is to check out the story missions for the Arena.  There will be a mission marker on your map, head on up there and do the missions. There will be a few, eventually they will lead you to the arena itself. Once you have made it to the arena you will need to complete the different missions that are there. Completing the missions for the arena will net you a blade if you have the patience to stick it out until the end.

 Arena Currency

The second way you can get a blade is to do one of the easier arena missions a few times until you have made the 250 currency required for the cheapest blade. There will also be a 25,000 scrip charge as well so be prepared for that. You can buy these blades at the Liro vendor beside the arena.

 Tier 4 Lockboxes

The last way to get yourself a blade is to grind those arkfalls and missions to get keycodes or scrap. You can buy a tier 4 lockbox with either 64 codes or 64,000 scrap. You need to remember that the blade is a rare drop from a box, so unless you are lucky expect to buy quite a few before you find one. I have already bought 10 boxes and no blade yet.

There might be a few more ways to find a blade in the game but right now these are probably the fastest. If you haven’t been on in a while you should log in to Defiance and load up the new DLC, which is already live. There are tons of new things to do and plenty of new gear to earn.

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