Defiance – Volge Headgear and Bonus Loot Weekend

Bonus Loot and Volge Headgear Are Waiting For You In Defiance
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Today starts a Bonus Loot weekend in Defiance, but Trion has also thrown in some Volge goodies in preparation for the new DLC. The Castithan Charge Pack is the first DLC for Defiance, set to release sometime in August,  and will be bringing all new arkfalls featuring Volge enemies. The game already tossed some Volge into the mix by scattering them across the map in side missions, and now you can destroy them in style with the 3 new Volge headgear pieces which can be found in the in-game store.

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 Volge Helm – 440 Bits


 Ice Volge Helm – 440 Bits


 Tribal Volge Helm – 440 Bits

The goodies don’t stop there. Trion has also added two new outfits to the store as well.

 Omega Recon – 560 Bits

 Urban Commando – 560 Bits

On top of everything else, today starts a Bonus Loot weekend. This weekend, logging in to Defiance will net you a +25% boost to loot drops. The boost will last until early Monday morning, so hurry up and get your bonus loot while you can and grab some Volge gear while you are at it. See ya in Defiance.

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