Destiny Midnight Launches Do Not Disappoint

Attending the midnight release for Destiny didn't disappoint and masses of fans were hyped in attendance.

The day every Bungie fan has been waiting for arrived at midnight for the highly anticipated release of Destiny. Yes folks we’ve been waiting quite a long time for Bungie’s latest MMOFPS. We had a taste of the gameplay this summer with the gorgeous beta.

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I had the chance to attend the midnight release of Destiny at my local GameStop in Saratoga Springs, NY and 400 Bungie fans swarmed in to grab their copy. I haven’t seen a crowd this large since the release of Halo 3. GameStop is no amateur when it comes to midnight launches. The release went smooth and rather quickly I might add. Customers had to have all their goodies paid for by a certain time; and they were assigned to a group by color and number. This made the process a whole lot easier.

Bungie fans were hyped up and excited, eagerly anticipating getting their hands on their goodies like the Ghost Edition and hardcover Limited Edition strategy guide. The Ghost replica is pretty heavy I might add. While in line, I got the chance to speak with some wonderful guys about Destiny.

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Here’s what fans had to say:

What were you most impressed with the Destiny beta?

How well it played, most betas suck. It was very, very smooth. As far as MMO-ish betas go, WoW beta was horrible but looking at that, looking at how Destiny is doing it, is huge, leaps and bound of 10 years.

What was your opinion on the beta, as far as others having an opinion, on Peter Dinklage’s voice work as the Ghost?

I thought it was well done. I think they could’ve edited it a bit more but overall I think they did a fantastic job; and the music scores, just really bring you into it full-life. I don’t think they could’ve done any better on the music and the voice.

I think the game effects on the game voice were well done. I’m a sound guy so I live for that kind of stuff. I think it could be a little more robotic but I think it was good the way it is.

It gave a more, next step course to “Cortana” in Halo. It gave a whole new level.

It made you think about what is going on. In the beta, if you read the Grimoire cards; and figured out what the Ghost and Guardians actually were–it’s a very personal thing. The Guardians are dead people resurrected by the Ghosts. You had to dive really far into the beta. That’s why they’re called Ghosts.

What are you excited for in the game?

Me, personally, I’m looking for the customization of weapons and weapon mods more than anything. Seeing some of what they’ve already got for power-ups and mods; and abilities, I’m just looking for them to expand that exponentially.

I’m just looking forward to the exploring of everything, the MMO part of it. I just love that whole concept of running around for hours doing whatever you want.

Brings back the love and joy of Skyrim all over again but in a whole new world.

The exploring, that’s what I like, not having to do the missions right away, you can do whatever you want and then come back to it. That’s what I’m looking for.

This is your first midnight launch. What specifically dragged you out for this particular one?

The fact that they said that this is an expansion of they claim–10years–peaked my interest more than anything. I’m really looking forward to the change, the custom ability, the hugeness of what this is “hopefully” going to be.

I’m looking forward to this being Bungie’s new franchise. They did an amazing job with Halo and I’m not very happy with 343 off of Halo 4 trying to go off of Call of Duty. I’m looking forward to the fact that Bungie has consistently put out good games.

Hopefully the Expansions are worth it and they’re not generic.

I’m looking forward to 10 years down the road with Destiny.

Some of the guys from the Destiny line. Interviewees requested name anonymity.

Well there you have it folks. Pretty great opinions, impressions and hopes for Destiny that I can agree with. I’m really grateful to these guys who were willing to answer my questions so honestly. They were an amazing and friendly group.

So what do you think of Destiny so far? Let me know in the comments.

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