With Season 2 of Attack on Titan just around the corner, let's take a look at what made last year's Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom so much fun -- and why you should play it.

Did You Miss Last Year’s Attack on Titan Game?

With Season 2 of Attack on Titan just around the corner, let's take a look at what made last year's Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom so much fun -- and why you should play it.
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With Titans roaming around the outer walls, military soldiers racing through the air, and super huge battles taking place in an intriguing world, Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom brought anime fans and action gamers together when Omega Force first released the game in Japan around February 2016. A few months later, they released it in North America on Xbox One and Steam.

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Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom covers the first season of the anime series, where the story focuses on a boy named Eren. When a Titan eats his mother, he vows to rid the world of all Titans and joins the military alongside with his friends, Armin and Mikasa.

With its easy controls and fast paced battles, the game earned an eight out of ten from us here at GS. This action hack and slash game is really unforgettable for fans of the game and franchise — so much that we can’t help but recap what makes it so great, especially with Season 2 of the series just around the corner.

Entering Into the World With Titans and Humans

This game takes fans into the universe of Attack on Titan with various elements. One of those elements is character design. Designs from the game and the series practically reflect each other from facial expressions to fighting movements, especially when it comes to the Titans. Their awkward bodies and their sinister smiles still gives fans a creepy and unforgettable impression — just like the anime.

Not only does the game reproduce artwork of the series, but the voice actors of the game are the same actors from the anime series. Yuki Kaji, Yui Ishikawa, Marina Inoue, and other Japanese actors voiced their respective characters in the game, remaining faithful to the anime series.

Easy Controls that Make You A Badass

At the start of story mode, players then enter in a tutorial mode, where they learn how to use the omni-directional gear. On a Xbox One format, players press A to jump while using the left analog stick to maneuver around the area.

When it comes battling a Titan, players use RB to aim and press X to launch their grapple lock onto a Titan’s body part. With the left analog stick, players can move around in the air and press Y to accelerate forward to take a strike.

After getting the controls down, players can run across rooftops and jump over buildings at ease. The players’ thrill and excitement grows as they move from one part of town to the next, and within seconds, they turn into military scouts. These simple controls can make anyone into a Titan killer machine!

Teams, Upgrades, Outfits, and More!

Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom comes with more than just killing Titans. Players can buy new gear and gain materials during battle for upgrades. They can also learn new skills to level up their character into professional military scouts.

But upgraded gears and new skills are not enough to fight against the Titans. The game allows players to find and cooperate with their own teammates through battle. Outside of story mode, players have the option to play on online co-op missions as well. Although Titans can regenerate back their body parts, having a great team can take down any giant.

Slaying a Titan Always Leaves Satisfaction 

After taking down the first Titan, there is no turning back. With side missions, upgrades, and easy combat controls, players become a lot more driven to get through the game.

Not only the players become their favorite characters, like Levi, and Eren, but they also become military soldiers, defending humanity. From jumping of buildings to hunting down Titans, the game never fails to bring satisfaction to fans and gamers everywhere.

So my fellow military scouts — fight for the human race and claim back your world!

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