Disappointed with Metal Gear Solid 5’s ending? You need to see Episode 51

Metal Gear Solid 5's real ending isn't in the game, but rather on the CE Blu-ray.

Metal Gear Solid 5 is a wild ride, but it’s definitely different from the rest of the series. Most of the changes are welcome, but what isn’t is the lack of a real ending. Fortunately (or unfortunately, in this case), it’s found on the Collector’s Edition-only Blu-ray.

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I’m not going to spoil the ending of the game, nor what’s shown in the video above, but you need to watch all 18 minutes of the video above if you’ve played and beaten Metal Gear Solid 5 and felt the same way I did: confused and disappointed in the story.

Episode 51 shows what would almost definitely have been the actual ending to the game, were it completed. The big question lies in why Hideo Kojima’s swan song with the series was released as it was without what appears to be the actual ending. This is Metal Gear Solid – the ending is of the utmost importance.

Whether due to time or budget constraints, the game will always be as it stands now: ultimately unfinished. Kojima is no longer with Konami, and creating what’s shown in Episode 51 authentically just isn’t within Konami’s capabilities. At least we have this glimpse into what could have been.

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