It's nice to look back on old rumors and think of what could have been...

Do you remember these amazing but fake Pokemon X and Y rumors

It's nice to look back on old rumors and think of what could have been...
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

We all love finding new leaks about Pokemon games before they come out. They make us excited and we become less patient. Sadly, some leaks are fake, which may crush our spirits because the fake leaker is more creative than Game Freak at times.

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During September of 2013 companies began to receive their review copies of Pokemon X and Y before the games were officially released on October 4th. 

Legally, the companies can’t say anything about the games until they release, but that doesn’t stop employees from leaking info onto the web. Yes, most of the info was false and we had no way of knowing, but the ideas were amazing. Sadly there were not many pictures to show off.

One woman working for an Italian gaming site leaked a lot of fake info from new Fakemon and fake mega evolutions. Just seeing what she came up with makes you wish she worked for Game Freak.

The best leaks were the fake final evolutions for the starter Pokemon. Chespin final form was called Chesknight which is a mix of chestnut and knight. The Pokemon was to be shorter and slimmer than the actual final form and looks cooler too.

Kyubixen, Fennekin’s fake final form, was to look similar to Braixen but it was said to have purple at the tips of it’s ears. Kyu is a term used for martial arts and Bixen being a variation of Vixen which is a beautiful female human.

Froakie’s fake final form was Frogue. Frogue was a bigger, angry looking version of Frogadier. It’s name was a mix of Frog and Rogue.

Sadly the leaker didn’t give us the typing of these amazing fake Pokemon, but we can always imagine.

Another bit of fake info that the leaker gave out was that the 2nd gym in the game was going to be a fairy type gym and that the game would have the very first dark type gym in the game’s history. 

The leaker also had info on some fake Pokemon that everyone was excited about. One was Aquerial, who was going to be the water version of Talonflame. Gorum was a ground and grass type and sadly that was all we knew about him.

The last was the most believable because it had a picture to match. Koadly was a small bear-like Pokemon. It was said to be a pure fairy type, but would gain another typing upon evolving.

The only true info was the mega evolutions. The information was 100% spot on and confused a lot of fans when they found out that the other information was false.

Even though the evolutions and new Pokemon were fake, it’s nice to imagine what the games would have been like with these included.

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