In case you hadn't heard, Donald Trump has a board game and it's just as awful as you are imagining it.

Dont forget: Donald Trump made a terrible board game in the 1980s

In case you hadn't heard, Donald Trump has a board game and it's just as awful as you are imagining it.

They say there’s no such thing as negative publicity, but anyone who’s been following the media coverage on Donald Trump lately might beg to differ.

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Trump has received such an awful backlash that we even thought he warranted his own article comparing him to the masses’ favorite video game villains. 

However, most people are unaware that Donald Trump actually does have his own game– a board game called (you guessed it) Trump: The Game, which is perfectly outlined in this commercial from 1989:

Step 1: How to Play the Game

After watching the promo video above, you probably had one of these thoughts wander through your mind:

  1. “Is that Monopoly?”
  2. “Are that many people really that excited about that game?”
  3. “Wow he’s really young here!”
  4. “Hotels? It’s definitely Monopoly.”
  5. “How long has he had the same awful comb over hair piece?”

If you were wondering how exactly the game is played, you hit the nail on the head if you pondered number 1 or 4 above, it’s literally just Monopoly.

The board game featured 3-4 players that bought and sold different properties of real estate in order to get an edge on each other (a.k.a. Monopoly).

Essentially the only difference between Monopoly and Trump: the Game is the name, the fact that Trump’s face is plastered across the entire front of the box, and that his catchphrase, “You’re Fired,” is used. 

Step 2: Advertise Like a Pro

It’s hard to imagine that Trump: the Game received anything but stellar reviews considering how captivating and intriguing the commercial was. 

Although the 30 second commercial gave us absolutely no information on how to play the game whatsoever, it did feature many people running around ferociously letting each know that Donald Trump has released a game! 

‘Heard about Trump’s new game?!’ ‘What?! WHAT?!’

Obviously since he “thinks you’ll like it,” everyone will have it like it. I mean, it’s Donald Trump afterall.

Remember folks: If you’re ever advertising through a television commercial, make sure to focus on the approval of everyone else instead of what your game is actually about.

Step 3: Profit… Or Not

I know this may come as a surprise, but Trump: the Game received abysmal reviews.

Not only was it a carbon copy of Monopoly, but according to one Amazon user hated it so much that they’re reselling it for one penny on eBay: 

So I didn’t finish what I needed to say so here it is. I am selling this item on Ebay for a penny if anybody wants it. It is very useful for making a fire or a foot rest. Maybe you could use the T pieces to make a key chain or a necklace so you can always remember that you played a game that was too boring and advanced for you. The game has never been played before, I tried but had an aneurism. Please buy this game and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

According to many people who purchased the game, it’s very difficult to set it up. Once you finally do get it together, many pieces would break after a few uses.

It sounds like the only factor making this game worth buying is the fact that you can yell “You’re Fired!” at people, which you can still do by keeping your money and just yelling at people randomly while playing Monopoly. Or cards. Or League of Legends. Or essentially any time you want. 

If you still haven’t gotten your day’s dose of trump, and you’re interested in buying the game, you can purchase it on eBay for a whopping sum of 10 whole dollars.

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