Don’t Forget, Warcraft is a Whole World

Dailies and farms and raiding, oh my!
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So in the past week the future husband and I have flip flopped from Horde to Alliance again; Aggramar to Bloodhoof servers. We have lovely guilds on both but for the two of us nothing will compare to our old guild, and our struggle to find somewhere we can belong has left us with an aching case of wanderlust. 

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We’ve tried to fill our time with PvP or getting some achievements (I am a total achievement whore) but nothing so far has grabbed our attention for long enough. I’m not going to jump into the merits or downside of any of Blizzard’s changes, the simplification of talent trees is something I was not in favour of, and raid finder, as helpful as it can be, doesn’t promote the same sense of community. 

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Our old guild however, the amazing Auditors of Unreality, is still there, merged with another guild, our old GM now an officer, but it’s not the same. We were a proper old fashioned guild, we knew most the members IRL, the North East contingent and the South group, with family relationships and romantic ties. Us Northern lot went out drinking regularly even if it was just up the local pub, and the Southern lot all worked together. We had epic guild nights out, travelling in a car for 5 hours for one night of drinking. I of course took my priestly heal role seriously the morning after, walking around with glasses of water and painkillers. Being one of only a handful of girls I ended up mothering the poor hung over boys. Good times.

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 We may not have got terribly far on raiding or got any realm firsts, but we enjoyed our raiding. For my sins I was raid leader during ICC and I have dreaded memories of weeks and weeks of trying to down Professor Putricide. But through the frustrating wipes, the struggle to get 10 people on to raid we had fun. We had our own battle cry, our own idiosyncrasies, we had a good time.

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 It’s easy to forget when playing a game like World of Warcraft that you’re meant to enjoy it. The game is full of beautiful scenery and the new storylines, especially on the horde side, are engaging and wonderfully written. So next time you take a trip to Azeroth don’t just think about your dailies, or getting your crops, or queuing for raid finder; take a look around and remember to enjoy everything the developers have worked so hard for.

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