Doomtown Reloaded: Collectibles Guide

A short list of all the collectible items available for Doomtown Reloaded

Doomtown: Reloaded opened up with the collectible Premium set that was incredibly popular at Gencon in 2014 and is still frequently found on Ebay for upwards of $150.00. Some of the collectibles are found in tournament kits and others are awarded at large conventions for participation and ranking in events.

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Premium Collector’s Edition

The premium edition was available at Gencon in 2014, specific retailers, and during an online promotion. They are likely to be available on Ebay for the next year. They include:

  • A Deputy Badge
  • Metal Ghost Rock Coins With Pouch
  • Two Scroll Playmats
  • 100 Poker chips in 4 different colors
  • Wooden Outfit cards
  • Wooden Carrying Case
  • Full Playset Of Cards (2 Doomtown Core Sets)

Marshal’s Badge

Only one of these has been handed out at Gencon 2015. You might have some trouble trying to take it from the 2015 Doomtown champion, David Hammond.

You might have a chance to earn one of these next year at Gencon 2016.



Sheriff’s Event Kit (2015)Img from Ludi World Facebook page

  • Alternate art Joker
  • Sheriff’s Badge
  • Alternate Rumors (32), Mustang (8), Teleportation Device (8), Jokers (64) and Soul Blast (8)
  • Deck Tins and Mats from previous OP kits
  • “Badge Series” Playmat (4)
  • Wood-backed Outfits for the original Outfits and Faith & Fear Outfits

Alternate Art of “The Cackler”

Pinnacle has released a Kickstarter for fiction based around the long-running baddie, The Cackler. One of the rewards is an alternate art card for The Cackler that is only available through the Kickstarter. It has been said the Cackler will be an alternate art of a joker card.

Avie Cline Playmat

The Avie Cline playmat was only available to customers who were able to purchase their premium editions from stores that use GTS Distribution.

AEG’s 2014 Black Box

The Black box was a special release from AEG that had unknown contents until one was opened on Black Friday. Among other things it had two Doomtown related items.

  • A version of Seventh Hero using Doomtown characters instead
  • More cards for Maximum Overdrive with a Doomtown theme.

Gencon 2014 Tournament Deck Tin

This tin was only available as a participation prize in the High Noon tournaments held at Gencon.

Top 16 Playmat Gencon 2014

Only available to players that made the top 16 in the Gencon 2014 High Noon events.

Organized Play Kit #1

The first Organized Play kit is currently available and includes:

  • Wendy Cheng Playmat
  • 4 copies of an alternate art Pony Express
  • 16 copies of an alternate art Pistol Whip
  • 2 Fourth Ring deck tins

Organized Play Kit #2 (available Mar.23)

  • Alternate Stakes Just Rose (16) and Circle M Ranch (4)
  • Lane Healey art Playmat
  • Law Dogs tin featuring Wendy

Store Deputy Organized Play Kit

The Deputy kit is a limited kit that includes extra alternate art cards and a deputy badge to award the winner. The kid includes:

  • Deputy Badge
  • 4 copies of an alternate art Carters Bounties
  • 8 copies of an alternate art Steven Wiles
  • 16 copies of an alternate art One Good Turn…
  • Playmat with Jackson’s Strike art
  • Sloane Gang deck tins


Organized Play Kit #3

  • Micah Ryse (exp) Playmat
  • Morgan Cattle Company Deck Tins featuring Elander and Max Baine
  • 16x Alternate Unprepared and 4x Alternate B&B Attorneys


If you’re aware of any other collectible or rare items, let me know and I can add them here. When the details of any new organized play kit or collectible are released, you’ll be able to find them here.

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