Dragon Slayer Award Nominees: Best New Game on the Horizon

Help us decide which upcoming game deserves this Dragon Slayer Award.

With platforms such as Origin, Steam, Kickstarter, and more, developers have more opportunities than ever before to breathe life into an abundance of games, causing new titles to be announced left and right. 

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Among the masses, you have singled out a few scrappy contenders in this year’s “Best New Game on the Horizon” 2014 Dragon Slayer Awards. 

A first-person shooter, a MOBA, and two MMORPGs go head to head, battling for the votes of gamers like you. 

This year the contestants are as follows:

  • ArcheAge
  • Destiny
  • Everquest Next
  • Heroes of the Storm

I Can’t Make Up My Mind! What Should I Do?

Have no fear, my eager friend.

Now, I know you must be enthusiastic to participate in such a prestigious award ceremony, but before you make any hasty decisions, make sure you keep all of these things in mind:

Beta Reviews

It’s all too easy to be caught in the trap of “I only played one of these games, so obviously it’s the best, right?” 

Do a quick Google search to see which one of these adversaries will e-flex hard enough to wipe the floor with the competition. Which game has the best reviews so far? Is the installation process smooth? Is the game buggy and frustrating?

All of these questions are things to keep in mind before making such a crucial, life-altering decision. 

Industry Innovation

Do any of these games bring new, modern twists on old concepts, or are they just reincarnated ghosts of games past?

With the ever-growing popularity of the gaming industry, the last thing we need is to play the same game over and over with different names and quests. 

Which of the games listed brings a fresh idea to the metaphorical table? Creativity is a must in this competition, cause I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready for some originality.

Fan Hype

No matter if a game has extraordinary graphics, a heart-stopping frame rate, and a breath-taking storyline, if no one’s playing it, it won’t succeed. 

Which challenger has a large enough fan base to support it through the imminent blunders of the industry? Is there a powerful marketing strategy in place to drive attention and motivate new players? Will its players hold it when it cries and tell it everything is going to be okay?

I’m serious people, games need love too. They’re not perfect.

I’ve Heard Enough, How Do I Vote?!

You’ve waited long enough; quench your thirst for a voice and level up your decisiveness at the Dragon Slayer Award Nominee page! Which of these games deserves the title of “Best New Game on the Horizon?”

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